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Eurostellar is the Czech - Viet Start up Company who is bringing the European Premium Technologies and Products to Vietnam and Southeast Asia. 

We are not selling you boxes, we are here to help. Your success is our goals.

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Our products and solutions are mostly from European countries like Czech Republic, Germany, Italia, Austria, Holland and others.

We provide you the best quality solution with rich functions and reliable performance which we proudly represent and distribute in Vietnam and Southeast Asia region.


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Fire alarm & Environment


Intercoms & Door phone


Access Control


Smart home

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Smart Building

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Smart Parking

Car Alarm, GPS and moinitoring


Body camera
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Security Center

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Smart Farm

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Industrial lighting

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Interior Lighting


Smart Public Lighting


Facial Recognition

City Lights

Smart City

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Airfield Ground Lighting System

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From the World class Manufacturer of electronic alarm and security devices, Jablotron, our security are by far the best EU made alarm, with intuitive control and timeless design as well as reliable and 10+ years life time.

The Jablotron alarm comes with Free MyJABLOTRON application and Jablotron confirguration software, receiving countless awards and prize. Jablotron alarm achieved Security Grade 2 Class II and comformy with EN-50131, CSN and more.

Made in Czech Rep, Europe & 5 years warranty

Beside Instruder alarm, We also provide you the complex fire alarm solution but easy to use. All devices are hybrid (Wired and Wireless), it is built-in smoke & heat sensor, internal siren.

We also protect you from toxic air, flooding, electricity problem and gas leak.

They are all TCP/IP protocol, so you will know exactly where is the issue happening.

Our sensors can work in system mode and stand-alone. Jablotron fire alarm is also made in Czech republic with various options.

The first LTE/4G Intercoms producer, 2N Telecommunication is a member of AXIS group, which is leading in Intercoms, doorphone and building management solution. Our Intercoms is one of the privilege solution in the world, the devices are made in Europe with 3 years warranty. Luxury design with top materials.

2N provides many solutions: Audio intercoms, Video intercoms, SIP Audio System, Access Control System, Lift control and more.

Your access control system will never be the same like before. With Eurostellar, you are working with one of robust and reliable Eu made access control system which is easy to install and impressed functions and technologies. We provide you EU made with 3 years warranty and various identified technologies as passcode, RFID (EM, Mifare, Wiegand, proximity), Bluetooth, NFC, FingerPrint ID, Irish ID, Palm ID,  Face ID with AI and many Keyless tech.

Welcome to the Real Smart Home, LOXONE. 

Have you ever been familiar with any smart home on the market. Do you have any functions or tasks which your smart home can't do. You can think about us, LOXONE Smart Home. The truly smart home and automation solution which based in Austria and produce from Germany. We have all you need: Automation, Controlling, Lighting, Safety, Intercoms, Access Control, Audio, Multi-media, Blinding, Cooling, Heating, auto-door,smart pool, sauna, gym, ... and more.

Even you are SME or big cooperate, our smart office solution will customize for you. We provide Smart Time & Attendant management,. meeting room control,  integrated with Access Control, Staff monitoring, building safety and smart automation. 

Our smart solution also control lighting, air condition, blinding with human centric technologies. Stress-free working place and more creative and focus teams. 

Smart building is not an idea any more, with Eurostellar'technologies, we help you to control entire building and dozen tasks every day.

Parking management, Access Control management, Lift control, PA system, Lighting, Temperature control, Blinding, watering system, fire safety, CCTV and more. All you need to do is let us know what you need.

The solutions we provide is also develop and produce in Europe.

The Parking Management System, Autogard Eco Park II is a new generation of convenient modular pay-on-foot parking management and parking revenue collection system, fitting all car park sizes from smallest to complex projects, shopping malls and municipal systems.

System components may be separated and recombined, offering the benefit of flexibility and variety in use, making EcoParkII a perfect system for application of all sizes.

The system is made in EU with 2 years warranty.

AUTOGARD spol. s r.o. is certified according to ISO 9001 quality management system standard.

Our products are accredited by TÜV SÜD.

Secure your vehicles
Enjoy the comfort of always knowing where you left your car. You can also use the MyJABLOTRON app which will show you the current location of your vehicle, mileage or fuel consumption. Our alarm can protect not only cars, but also caravans, lorries and agriculture machines.

Jablotron also help to monitor your vehicles. Control the location, fuel consumption and time schedule of your vehicles. You can easily monitor your vehicles and keep a logbook thanks to the MyJABLOTRON app.

More trust, less conflict in a respectful society

By protecting and supporting frontline professionals in many sectors with the reliable and easy-to-use ZEPCAM bodycams when it really matters. Reducing the likelihood, number and impact of frontline incidents and conflicts. Gathering indisputable evidence that will stand up in court when necessary. Zepcam is the leading manufacture of body worn camera and mobile video solution come from the Netherlands which are using by 2000+ professional users, present more than 40 countries world wide.

The best monitoring solution of Central Europe. Which is running more than 300 Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) or Central Monitoring System all around the world. Security Center is the master platform for all Security and Safety independent devices, systems connected in one. When a alarm trigger in one location, the ARC is also receive the signal and allocate proper task forces to assist their users and control damages. 
Jablonet is a part of Jablotron group and running Biggest ARC which covering 99.5% of Czech Country connecting more than 80.000 systems.

CleverFarm provides cutting-edge solutions to farmers. Our vision is to bring sustainable, profitable, and ecologically friendly farming to the entire world. We’re a Czech company operating primarily in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our ambitions, however, are to help the whole world embrace Precision Agriculture.
Our products can be used by everyone, no matter if you’re a small family farm or a megacorporation. We’re already operating in Ukraine, Chile, and Serbia - with plans to increase focus on Central and Western Europe, Russia, East and Southeast Asia, and the Americas.

With more than 30 years of experience, proudly become the biggest national lighting producer and the market leader of Industrial lighting fittings in the world, Trevos Lighting is providing broad range of industrial and indoor light fittings. 

Thanks to the most modern technologies and our high working engagement, we manufacture high-quality products bringing light into the life of all of our customers in more than 60 countries of the world. Trevos light with 10 years+ Lifetime, Made in EU and 5 years warranty.

We provide the EU made quality of interior lighting with long lasting devices and smart lighting control solutions. From spot light, down light, LED panel, LED type, LED string to floor light, wall-mount light and park light. Dimming, RGBW color change, gentle transition and more. Personal lighting modes and energy savings are our key functions.

Beside industrial and indoor lighting, Trevos is providing complex and completed lighting fittings solution for any outdoor and iconic buildings all around the world. The Olympic London Stadium, Praha Airport, Paris Hotels & Museums or UAE Buildings are satisfied with our product quality. 
The lighting solution is also included smart lighting control with latest technology like Tunable White, Human Centric Lighting

The fastest facial recognition solution which made in Germany, MODIVISION is combination of 3D Cameras and AI Technology with high quality and timeless design. MODI is offering next level of access control and no-touch system which is trendy during this outbreak situation. MODIVISION provide various solutions to office, building, school. hospital, shopping mall, airport and of course industrial areas. 

We provide the flexible and lightweight platform for integration of technologies, systems and services in the cities and on the roads. No matter what you need, our smart city solution is including all you needs and more. From Transportation, Safety, Parking, Energy, Lighting to Environment, Education and Security. It does not matter how big the city is, it takes us weeks to month to build it for you. 
The platform is also provide you Central Control as well as citizen application.

The European Market Leader, GOMINTEC from Barcelona, Spain who is the High technology airfield solutions, offers full range of Airfield Ground Lighting equipment, Apron lighting and Ground Support Equipment for Aircrafts and Helicopters. Hundreds of projects around the world provide Gomintec-AES Airport Solutions with the strongest background to accomplish successfully the most critical and demanding projects on Airfields.

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