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Check Point + Provision-ISR

CCTV plays an integral role in keeping people and organizations safe, everywhere from transport hubs to retail, banks, and critical infrastructure. For example, the average Londoner is caught on security camera over 300 times a day but as surveillance video is increasingly IoT connected, unfortunately, these devices are prime targets for cybercriminals. Check Point Quantum IoT Protect Nano Agent is an embedded runtime protection solution that provides built-in security for device manufacturers, like Provision-ISR’s leading-edge video surveillance solutions, to protect against attacks such as access control, memory corruption, shell injection, import table hijacking, control flow hijacking, and more.


Check Point and Provision-ISR
Providing the Industry’s Most Secure CCTV Cameras


On-device runtime protection prevents zero-day attacks and protects against known and unknown vulnerabilities



Innovative flexible solutions with high-quality video streams that don’t compromise reliability



Quick and painless installation of secure IP CCTV cameras with advanced protection right out-of-the-box


Quantum IoT Protect

Quantum IoT Protect
Firmware Nano
Agent Demo

Schedule a free demo to learn more about how Check Point can help to harden connected devices with runtime protection, and manage with granular policies.

IoT Device Seurity for Manufacturers

If you build embedded consumer and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, the expanding threat landscape requires you to protect your customers from cyber attacks with out-of-the-box firmware security.


“On a global scale, even the companies with the most considerable market share have been proven to have crucial vulnerabilities. This is because IP cameras have limited processing power, leaving little room for traditional security software. At Provision-ISR, we want to lead from the front with 100% secure CCTV devices that will give customers peace of mind. To do that, we needed an optimized threat solution with an extremely small footprint that would also be completely reliable. This is where Check Point comes in. From uncovering firmware security risks, hardening the devices with runtime protection, and managing devices with granular policies, we now have a robust end-to-end security solution.”


– Ami Finer, VP Sales & Business Growth, Provision-ISR

View and Monitor Physical Assets

IP-Connected Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) enables organizations to:
  • Monitor and protect critical physical assets

  • Gather evidence and log event activity

  • Respond to events more quickly and effectively

Get Built-in Runtime Protection for Your CCTV Devices

  • Successfully close every security gap identified within your organization

  • Block attacks: memory corruption, shell injection, import table hijacking, control flow hijacking, and more


Easily Manage Cyber-connected CCTV Events

Customers can easily manage their devices from a web or mobile interface for ease of use

Customers that are looking for more advanced management can take advantage of our distributed, cloud-managed, security framework already protecting a large, diverse set of networks spanning cloud, network, endpoint, mobile, and IoT devices

Enhance your CCTV system security without impacting business operations

The Check Point + Provision-ISR secure CTTV solution is for everyone, from consumers to large enterprises

Check Point Quantum IoT Protect Nano Agent guarantees 100% firmware coverage, including third party components, without compromising device performance

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