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Let's connect and control ANYTHING

We provide robust devices and cloud services for the most demanding Internet‑of‑Things projects. Everything from edge to cloud.

We proudly source from authorized channels only and produce the electronics ourselves in the Czech Republic.

Trusted by enterprises. Loved by developers.


Wide range of IoT Applications

Our technologies provide everything that you need for your IoT project. From cutting edge hardware with wireless connectivity to our customizable cloud that can be connected to your application software. Regardless of your project scale.

Use Cases

  • Machine monitoring

  • Remote control

  • Sensory telemetry

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Asset tracking

  • Event alerting

  • Data logging

  • Smart metering

  • Air quality sensing


  • Manufacturing

  • Facility management

  • Construction

  • Agriculture

  • Forestry

  • Energy

  • Security

  • Health care

  • Mining


Powered by Hardwario Czech Republic

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We are a global player with renowed partners all over the world. Originally from the Netherlands, we expanded our boundaries within Europe, but now are represented on all continents. We have provided our customers with better information, innovation and integration every hour, day and month for over a decade.

Over 500 customers in more than 40 countries have overcome industry challenges with ZEPCAM bodycam and video management solutions.

With ZEPCAM you’ll never work alone.
Safer, better and rewarding work for all frontline professionals with ZEPCAM mobile video intelligence and evidence systems. Enable digital support from your organization to ensure that employees can work safely and confidently. Never work alone in dealing with the unexpected through extra eyes in the field. Our system is compliant and configurable to any privacy law, operational procedures and open to integration with other systems. 


Capture video.png


Compact, robust and
easy to use bodycams

Dock and upload.png


Docking station for data
exchange and fast recharge

Secure storage.png


Store and manage on the Zepcam cloud or own server

View and manage.png


Zepcam software or 3rd party video management systems


ZEPCAM’s bodycams are praised by police test panels for their robustness, quality and usability. Wearing clearly visible bodycams positively influences behaviour.

They have been proven to reduce the likelihood, number and impact of frontline incidents and conflicts. Bodycam videos and metadata can subsequently be used as indisputable evidence in criminal investigations and in the courtroom.


ZEPCAM bodycam solutions are customizable to suit your needs and are created in collaboration with international police forces. After receiving an 8.7 from the Dutch police, ZEPCAM bodycams are also praised and given the go-ahead by multiple other international police forces.

Zepcam Manager

Best-in-class software for evidence, user, device and storage management. With many functionalities enabling officers to quickly access and utilize video footage to ensure transparent operations and access to forensic data.

ZEPCAM Secure Server

Store and manage your data securitly on one of Zepcam's Servers in your own country, or those of your organization (on premise). Our open platform solution ensures easy third party intergations.

ZEPCAM On-Premise

For security or management reasons, you may opt for your own server-based solutions. For this, we can assist you with Zepcam On-Premise. This is tailored solution which lets you run ZEPCAM. Manager on your own hardware.

ZEPCAM Intergation

We can intergate our solutions with your existing management software. ZEPCAM has intergrations with the leading Video Management Systems like Genetec Clearance, Genetec Security Center, Milestone Systems, Microsoft Azure and Axis Communications.

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You will become the European Technology Ambassador, working directly with 15 brands from EU/UK/USA/G7 countries.


Proudly serving more than
1200 projects in Southeast Asia

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