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For your people and vehicle counting need....
Giken Trastem Co. Ltd. - A member of Optex Group with 50 years of experience, focus on people counting and vehicle counting solution with variable applications for retail, resident, traffic, security and more. 
Giken Trastem is based in Kyoto, Japan.
SINCE 1966

About us


Since 1966 when our company developed a system for counting people and vehicles first in the world, more than 60,000 facilities in all varieties including department stores, shopping centers, public facilities, and exhibition centers have adopted our system in Japan and overseas.
Our unique image recognition technology boasting of the world's leading high accuracy recognizes and counts persons individually, providing our customers with reliable traffic data of visitors, passers-by, entrance rate, and density in a specific area, interest level and more.
The total number of people who entered the store in a day, the average time they spent, the flow of people in the store, and such other information that was not obtained in a tangible form is now available as data to enable you to grasp the current status and problems of your facility. Traffic data is an invaluable tool for your operational strategies.

In addition to "accurate detection and analysis of visitor counts" based on our "proprietary technology," we provide a wide range of management solutions from "independent data management to centralized data management systems" to totally support our customers by expanding our operation from hardware and software design and manufacturing to system installation and service.

In Vietnam, Eurostellar is proudly is Authorized Partner of Giken Trastem & Optex Group where we bringing the most modern technologies to daily farming activities for Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and more. Contact to us: Eurostellar Hotline +84 902 401 488 - 

GIKEN TRASTEM CO., LTD Subsidiary of OPTEX Co., Ltd.

■ Established: May 28th, 1966

■ Our Business:

- Development, Manufacture and Sales of:

• Customer Counting System

• Car Counting Sensors (Palos-Parking)

• Bus Passenger Counting Sensors

- Maintenance, Technical Services and Support

- Software development

■ Offices:

- Japan (Kyoto Head Office/Tokyo Branch)

- Korea (Seoul Branch)

- China Liaison Office


Evaluate Effectiveness of Advertisements, Promotions, Events & Renewals


Calculate conversion rate, floor ratio, sale per visitor etc.

Ensure that enough sales staff is provided during the peak hours to maximize customer service Grasp trends of the customer traffic.

Use data for facility management purposes.


Optimization of

irrigation systems

Optimize your irrigation system based on measuring numerous data points in the air and soil and remote control units.


Accurate farm management

With data from sensors, you can more easily evaluate the effects of agro activities from your mobile phone or computer.


Quick and easy installation

You can install all the sensors in a few minutes. The sensors are almost maintenance-free – powered by a battery that lasts up to 2 years.

Real-time monitoring uses

People with Masks

Customer Traffic
Counting System

By combining monitoring (Soil sensors and weather stations) and management units, it is possible to optimize irrigation systems by saving water and energy.

Image by Sergio Teixeira

Customer Traffic

Research System

By monitoring the temperature and humidity of the air and soil, it will enable timely intervention and automation in the greenhouse or in the foil plant.

Concert Entrance Gate

Entrance Rate
Measurement System

We save on material costs because the app helps us apply the principles of Precision Agriculture to our fertilization process


Entrance Rate
Measurement System

We save on material costs because the app helps us apply the principles of Precision Agriculture to our fertilization process

Paying for Groceries

Purchasing Progress

Evaluation System

  • Corn borer

  • Septoria and Phaoesphaeria spots on wheat

  • Fusarium head blight & Phoma Foveata


Crowed Density

Detection Sensor

When to sow, fertilize or harvest? Thank to the IoT Sensor, you will have an overview of the conditions in your fields.

Image by Ivana Cajina

Vehicle Counting Sensor

Thanks to the monitoring of soil moisture and temperature, as well as precipitation totals, irrigation optimizes drip irrigation

Korean Bus

Passenger Counter

The whole solution is already verified in the agro sector. We basically took the same system and installed it in city park in Prague. This proved the scalability of the CleverIrrigation solution


Customer Traffic Counting System

Cost effective, accurate people counting sensor 

Cost effective, accurate people counting sensor

To grasp customer volume and conversion rate as an index for making business decisions, it is essential to have stable and reliable counting.
Our technology (object shape recognition) captures human profiles and tracks those shapes in order to provide reliable customer traffic data.

The L-PALOSSIE Customer Traffic Counting System employs a camera-based image analyzing sensor that can accurately count visitor traffic. The sensors, installed in ceilings above entrances, are compact and unobtrusive. The system uses state-of-the-art patented image recognition technology to count the number of people who pass under the sensor.

The sensor can detect people both coming in and going out simultaneously in real time.
The traffic data collected from the sensors is automatically transferred to a PC for furnishing traffic reports to be used for analyzing purposes.

Obtaining various data with direction recognition technology


Entrance/Exit and Volume of Traffic

Counting both entering and exiting traffic

●Traffic flow by direction

●Research of number of passers-by (traffic volume)

Store Entrance Rate and Conversion Rate

Research of store entrance rate

(traffic entering store from walkway)

●Research of entrance route (entrance path)

Junction or Entrance of Building Block

Counting both entering and exiting traffic

●Traffic flow by direction

●Research of number of passers-by (traffic volume)

Escalator and Elevator

●Research of escalator use

●Research of floor traffic (floor entrance rate)

●Research of elevator use

Object Shape recognition / Proprietary detecting and tracking processing technology

The system searches for and tracks human profiles within a specified area (image) and counts the number of people according to direction.
Complex behaviors (stopping or turning around) can also be recognized and counted with high accuracy.
In addition, capturing virtual 3D human profiles exhibits excellent recognition performance with a minimum impact from shadows or ambient light.

Broad counting area

A single sensor can cover wide entrances.
(Counting width of 5,000 mm at an installation height of 3,000 mm or more)

Customer traffic data can be useful for a wide variety of industries, including the retail industry (e.g., department stores, mass retailers, and specialized stores), public facilities (e.g., galleries and museums), domed stadiums, and shopping centers. Different facilities, departments can implement the data in different ways.

However, one common point is that the data is used to determine or evaluate the effectiveness of measures to attract more customers/visitors and improve sales.


Although customer traffic data is useful by itself, it proves even more valuable when combined with customer attraction and sales information, which enables to understand consumer intentions and to determine the appeal of products in the store.
■ Sales per visitor = Sales amount / Number of visitors
■ Conversion Rate = Purchasers / Visitors
■ Sales = Number of visitors x Transaction price x Conversion Rate
■ Average Dwell Time (buying time)

The accumulation of the above data is essential for a management index for making appropriate decisions regarding facility renovations and for weighing reactions to environmental changes.


Customer Traffic Counting System

A simple system for visualizing a store customer's attraction

Counting solution for both single and multiple stores applications

PALOSSIE AIO can export the data directly from the sensor to a centralized server to either our IWPRO-ENTERPRISE, a multi-store customer traffic analysis system (Japanese, Korean versions available) or a 3rd party software to be integrated centrally.


Easy device configuration from within the network

Device settings can be configured through the network to efficiently configure the settings of multiple stores, to reduce work on-site at the time of installation and minimize maintenance costs by remotely accessing the sensors.


All-in-one sensor

Camera (image capturing) and analyzing processor are combined into one unit, on-site system configuration is very simple, making device management and maintenance easy.


Providing reliable data with high measurement accuracy

In using conversion rates and year-to-year comparisons as store management indexes, it is essential to have stable and reliable counting. PALOSSIE AIO has been developed based on highly accurate image analysis (object shape recognition) technology from L-PALOSSIE. Our image analysis technology captures human profiles and tracks those profiles in order to provide reliable customer traffic data.


The system searches for and tracks human profiles within a specified area (image) and counts the number of people according to direction.
Complex behaviors (stopping or turning around) can also be recognized and counted with high accuracy.
In addition, capturing virtual 3D human profiles exhibits excellent recognition performance with a minimum impact from shadows or ambient light.


Vehicle Count Sensor And Bus Passenger Count Sensor
A simple system for visualizing a store customer's attraction

Counting method

The PALOS-PK Vehicle Count Sensor system uses an infrared sensor installed in the ceiling over the lane to detect and count vehicles passing underneath.
A single sensor is able to count vehicles passing in opposing directions with a high accuracy even in difficult conditions, such as in traffic jams or when a vehicle passes in the wrong direction. In addition, accurate counting of each vehicle is possible even if several vehicles pass side-by-side or in opposite directions.
It should be noted that people, carts, and two-wheeled vehicles other than cars are not counted.

Vehicle Count Sensor PALOS-PK

More than 99% accurate. Inbound and outbound vehicles are correctly counted. The system ensures accurate counting even when several vehicles pass in opposite directions, side by side in the wrong direction or even bumper to bumper. 

Ensuring accurate counting even in traffic jams

Because it can correctly detect vehicles even if they are traveling in a row or if they have stopped, PALOS-PK is able to provide accurate parking availability.

Accurate counting is possible even if a vehicle remains under the sensor for 30 seconds or for several minutes. High accuracy is also ensured even if the distance between vehicles is short.

Supporting multiple lanes and multiple-point turns

○ Supports wide roads with two or more lanes.
○ Detects two-point turns at car parks.
○ Excludes people and bicycles from the target, and is not subject to the effects of wind or ambient light.
○ Counts vehicles and outputs vehicle detection separately.
*Can be used as a proximity signal for ticket and payment control.

Loop Coils (LC) and Photoelectric Tube

Loop coils and photoelectric tubes are basically used for a single lane and do not support multiple lanes.
In addition, several devices would be necessary to detect different directions.

Loop Coils: An error may occur when two vehicles pass side by side or while passing each other. If a loop coil is installed in each lane, an error will occur when a vehicle drives in the center of the two lanes.

Photoelectric Tubes: Objects other than cars can be detected, but cars cannot be detected correctly when passing each other.

Sensor (PPK-L22S)

L22S 1 pc/set: Lane width: 3.0 m; Sensor interval: 2.2 m / Maximum detection width: 3.0 m
L22S 2 pcs/set: Lane width: 5.5 m; Sensor interval: 4.6 m / Maximum detection width: 5.4 m
L22S 3 pcs/set: Lane width: 7.5 m; Sensor interval: 7.0 m / Maximum detection width: 7.8 m

External dimensions: 72 mm (height) x 75 mm (thickness) x 2,200 mm (length)

Weight: About 6 kg per piece

Power source: Supplied by controller

Wiring 0.9-6C (Maximum 100 m between sensor and controller)

Installation height: Maximum vehicle height + 300 mm to 3,000 mm

Installation environment: Indoor or semi-indoor locations (where the detection floor is not exposed to direct rain or sunlight)

Count: IN (Inbound) / OUT (Outbound)

Sensor Controller (PPK-C1E)

External dimensions: 66 mm (width) x 92 mm (height) x 235 mm (depth)

Weight: About 1.1 kg per piece

Power source: 100 V AC / 20 W

Signal output:

IN/OUT count signal
IN/OUT vehicle detection signal
Fault detection signal


Count signal: Semiconductor relay "a" contact
Vehicle detection signal: Semiconductor relay "a" contact
Fault detection signal: Mechanical relay "a" contact

Young Vietnamese woman watching smartphone on a bus

Bus Passenger Counter


A compact PASSENGER COUNTER sensor provides high counting performance based on image processing methods used for our people counting sensors.

Horizontal beam sensor system is generally used to count bus passengers, it often misses overlapping passengers or counts luggage or other such objects. Also, the increase of low-floor buses has resulted in many passengers standing beside the door, which in turn increases counting errors.

The PASSENGER COUNTER Bus Passenger Count Sensor is designed to solve such problems and performs highly accurate and reliable counting.
The sensor, a monocular camera, is compact enough to be installed with limited space. In addition, our original image processing technology is able to eliminate the impact of changes in brightness and enables stable and accurate counting of individuals even inside the bus. In addition, the sensor is resistant to environmental stress such as vibrations and power supply variations.

The bus controller and on-board device are connected and the passenger count is recorded in the on-board device.

Counts passengers getting both on and off

Because the front door and back door sensors count people getting on and off respectively, it is possible to count passengers simultaneously when they all get on and off at once.

Counts two passengers at once

A single sensor is able to function properly even if a wide door allows two passengers to get on/off at the same time.

Stable accuracy more than 95%

Accuracy is based on average accuracy of an actual vehicle count (in our recommended environment).
*Note: Accuracy may vary depending on the installed environment and boarding/alighting conditions.

Outputs live images

The camera's video output function allows viewing of the conditions near the middle door (back door), which is difficult to see, and also records the images in the video event data recorder.


Customer Traffic Research System
Anywhere can become a research point, including entrances, walkways, or floors. Compare visitor volume before and after renovation, or estimate the advertising effectiveness according to the traffic volume. 


By using an image analyzing sensor, the TRAFIX-RESEARCH Customer Traffic Research System can provide data relating to in-store aisle traffic volume and the flows of people over a specified period, from several weeks to several months.

The system enables in-depth data by measuring people's movement according to which way they move (right turns, left turns, going straight etc.). This means it is possible to know the movement of people entering and exiting a store, the visit rate of each floor, and the flow of people within a store. With this data, it is possible to improve facilities and services to further enhance customer circulation.

Quantifying customer traffic anywhere, including entrances, walkways, junctions, or floors
Row Crop Tractor

How do we get variable applications into your machine?

You upload the created map to the terminal of your tractor using a portable disk, add attachments and administer the fertilizer according to the designated zones via the ISOBUS interface. The method will make efficient use of fertilizer, increase yields and contribute to environmental protection.

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