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Creating smart things easy to use

We are an international technology company. We’ve been developing innovative products since 1990. We quickly transform new ideas into functional products. That is one of the reasons our alarm systems and devices for smart homes help millions of people around the world.






We have years of experience with the development and production of alarm systems
We started as a group of four, now there are 592 of us in the JABLOTRON group
We distribute our own products across the world

Company history

We began as a group of four enthusiasts, developing electronics in the attic of an ordinary house in Jablonec nad Nisou. We grew into a company producing alarm systems with a turnover of billions and a world-wide influence. Have a look at our journey. 


We are a part of the JABLOTRON group

Together with twenty other companies, we form the JABLOTRON Group. We are independent, yet we closely cooperate with each other.

We are connected by the desire to be the leaders in our respective fields, together with creating simple and understandable products using top technology.

JABLOTRON in Southeast Asia

Proudly represent and a part of JABLOTRON GLOBAL FAMILY, Eurostellar is the Exclusive Representative of JABLOTRON in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia and Taiwan.

With more than 300 resellers/installers, we bring Jablotron to more than 1800 projects. Our roles:

  • Import and distribute

  • Service Center

  • Regional Warehouse

  • Localization

  • Marketing


Management system and quality policy

We have received a Quality Management System Certificate according to ISO 9001:2015 for the development, production and sale of electronic alarm systems and a Quality Management System Certificate according to ISO 13485:2016 for the development, production and sales of active non-implantable medical devices.

We have made a commitment to our clients and apply strict rules and proven best practices to ensure the maximum security of data and information.

The principles of our quality policy fit on a single page. The clearer they are, the easier it is to keep to them. The policy covers the permanent innovation of our products and services, the systematic collection of our customers’ wishes and requests and ways to take care of our network of business partners.




True security solutions include central sets, sensors, bells and control devices installed in homes, offices, shops, companies, factories. This device helps to prevent, detect, warn and handle incidents such as break-in, theft, attack.



The solution includes a set of positioning devices and sensors for cars, such as sensors for glass smash, collision, fire, door opening, and remote car lock helps prevent theft incidents and vandalism of your vehicle. 

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This system includes a control center integrated with computer software managed by building operators or security guards, along with readers to recognize magnetic cards, fingerprints, and faces to help identify and control exits. enter.



A sensor identifies smoke or an increased temperature in the room. The alarm immediately activates a siren and informs the Alarm Receiving Centre, which will summon the fire brigade.



When an incident occurs at a location, the center will immediately receive and send a signal to the response force for timely response and handling. In addition, you can also locate and monitor remotely at the ARC center.​



Nanny breathing monitor detects the baby's breathing movement and alerts immediately when the baby has symptoms of apnea or irregular breathing to help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

An truly security for your premises

Our security system is also suitable for an apartment. The most common option is wireless.
Protect yourself and your family as well as premises with reliable EU-made Security Solution
No unauthorized person will get into your company as every employee has his own code or chip.
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In any emmergency situation our Security Solution will guide you to safe place and auto trigger alarm.
Protect your large area with sophisticated security solution is easier than ever
Even school, hospital, building or any premises need the security solution.

9 reasons to choose JABLOTRON

Easy to control 

Thanks to the revolutionary control system the JABLOTRON 100 is the first alarm which you will immediately understand and never fear. Choose an alarm developed to serve people.

Multifunctional use

The JABLOTRON 100 will protect you not only against robbers, but also against fire, floods or gas leaks. The system is able to control your heating or open your garage door for you. So, make full use of the state-of-the-art technology.

Freedom of selection

The JABLOTRON 100 alarm offers absolute freedom of selection adapted to your needs. The system offers a solution for residential apartments, summer cottages, family houses, offices as well as manufacturing halls. Plan its size as you wish.

Timeless design

The design of the individual alarm devices of the JABLOTRON 100 has been developed in cooperation with firstclass designers. So, discover beauty that harmonizes with your home.

Tidy Installation

By its combination of wireless and wired devices JABLOTRON 100 installation spares both your house and your purse. Benefit from the unique wireless technology of Jablotron.

Alway working

The JABLOTRON 100 alarm offers absolute freedom of selection adapted to your needs. The system offers a solution for residential apartments, summer cottages, family houses, offices as well as manufacturing halls. Plan its size as you wish.

Made in EU

Most of the Jablotron devices are made in Czech Republic, EU with up to 5 years warranty and 100% of them was test before send out.​

Accessible anywhere

You can remotely access your JABLOTRON 100 alarm thanks to free-of-charge internet control from your computer or smart phone from anywhere. Control your alarm and view events without limits.​

Real security

A quality alarm also requires professional installation and an assurance of real security cannot do without continuous monitoring and a response to alarm triggering.

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people control Jablotron alarms via the MyJABLOTRON app

Internal siren 1.png

230 devices

You can control up to 230 IP devices/zones in your house or garden thanks to the JABLOTRON 100+

External siren 1.png

5 years

For all products, besides the 2-year warranty, you also get up to 3 years of extended servicing support.


Eurostellar je česko - viet startovací společnost, která přináší evropské prémiové technologie a produkty do Vietnamu a jihovýchodní Asie.

Neprodáváme vám krabice, jsme tu, abychom vám pomohli. Váš úspěch je naším cílem.



  • One step ahead your competitors

  • High quality and reliable product

  • Innovative products - easy to install

  • The MyCOMPANY app and its functions

  • Training and consultancy

  • Up to 40% discount level

  • Non-public price list and secured project*

  • Local Tech support & marketing activities

  • Long-term cooperation

Who can use the app

You will gain free access to MyCOMPANY after passing one of the courses held by Jablotron Academy.

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