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When manufacturing industrial light fittings, both fluorescent lamps and LED lamps, the most important thing is the maximal precision of all parts. That is why we use the latest technology and top-class machines with maximal emphasis on precise processing. Using CNC technology to ensure maximum repeatability of individual production processes. Individual production steps are automated to a great degree.

Our work relies upon a strong technical base. Thanks to it, we are able to offer high quality of our products. We also strive to improve it permanently. The technical base allows us to develop completely new products according to the customer needs. The goal consists in delivering a light fitting with maximal added value to the customer.

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Eurostellar je česko - viet startovací společnost, která přináší evropské prémiové technologie a produkty do Vietnamu a jihovýchodní Asie.

Neprodáváme vám krabice, jsme tu, abychom vám pomohli. Váš úspěch je naším cílem.

TREVOS in numbers

820 million

yearly turnover

70% - 63 


export share

250 - 300


7275 m2

production area

8718 m2

storage area

1980 m2


Regional Position

The interest of the market in the Czech Republic in industrial and indoor light fittings is mostly driven by the demand of assembling companies from the branch of electrical engineering. Deliveries are secured through the network of wiring material and light fitting wholesale customers. The TREVOS company ranks among leading manufacturers of industrial and office light fittings at the domestic market. With almost 300 employees, TREVOS counts itself as one of the largest employers in the region


The goal of the company is to offer first-class light fittings for competitive prices

Global Position

Besides its significant share of the domestic market, the company is also very active in export. It successfully exports its products into more than 60 countries of the world, e.g. Italy, Germany, France, Brazil and many more. The company acquired its illumination technology market share first of all by the implementation of its own research and development in the production of innovative models of light fittings as well as investments into quality thermoplastic materials and electric components. The business strategy of the company is also based on the production of continually innovated lines of light fittings inspired by modern trends of illumination technology while keeping reasonable prices in comparison with top world producers. The business has been continually increasing especially with customers from the European Union, to which Trevos supplies complete products modified in details on the basis of individual customer’s requirements

Light fitting development 

All development tasks are subject to and strictly managed by the ISO 9001 quality process. The development and implementation of production of new light fitting type lines is driven particularly by market requirements which are monitored in detail and summarized into marketing studies. The projects are well secured as regards human resources. The members of the technical division have the required know-how and experience. They apply the results to industrial practice. Within the projects, they also closely cooperate with knowledgeable academicians of several technical universities. The technical division has an extensive background of premises with cutting-edge equipment, serving for the implementation of applied research and experimental development including the execution of key measurement and tests.


The production program of the company is segmented into product lines of light fittings with similar or identical ways of use. Another criterion consists in type lines distinguishing the products by the achieved technical parameters and their capabilities. The company has a large technological park that ensures its own production program. All injection machines are robotized. New innovative technologies include e.g. the robotized overmoulding of aluminium cores, the fully automated System Robot connecting workstation or the Sonderhoff foaming line.