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Create Automation

Loxone is a complete automation solution with intuitive control –
suitable for smart homes, commercial premises and custom applications.

Smart Home

Loxone offers a flexible yet comprehensive solution for your home – from lighting & multiroom audio to heating, security, and much more – giving you increased comfort and peace of mind.


Intelligent building automation for commercial properties. From hotels and offices to restaurants, MDU and much more – Loxone can be used to Create Automation in all manner of projects.

Custom Application

Due to the numerous amount of support interfaces plus the inherently flexible nature of our solution, Loxone is perfect for both the control and automation of a range of custom applications.

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Meet all the requirements of a smart home that you need from switch control, automation of various home devices such as lights, cooling systems and home appliances to safety and security. , CCTV, anti-theft alarm, fire alarm.

Modern Wooden House

A safe, smart European-class villa will help you avoid the risk of theft, fire and explosion incidents and automatically operate all activities in the house. Show the class of the owner and save time and costs.

Apartment Building
City Lights

Increase convenience for users through security solutions, smart buildings such as anti-theft alarms, fire alarms, access control, CCTV,... Reduce operating pressure for the Management Board, lift project value to the investor.

Urban Area

A comprehensive security system with three tight layers helps to minimize and quickly handle incidents. Provide urban-class facilities such as landscape lighting, swimming pool, water music, automatic tree care. centralized management of urban areas.

Our vision

Every mission starts with a vision.

We started in 2008: Thomas Moser and Martin Öller liked the idea of having a home in which the majority of functions like safety, energy efficiency and comfort could all be centrally controlled. After all, this was at a time where cars could already parallel park themselves and robotic lawnmowers could take care of the gardening. So why were homes so far behind?

Both Martin and Thomas wanted intelligent and convenient automation in their own homes. They scoured the market for something that would meet their needs but found what was on offer to be impractical, complicated and expensive.


“We wanted a solution that was highly intelligent, simple to use and yet affordable! We wanted to have a system where the lights would turn on if you got up in the middle of the night without having to fumble around for a light switch in the dark; a system intelligent enough to close the blinds and curtains automatically based on the position of the sun and a system that maintains the perfect temperature in every room."

Martin Öller
Founder & CEO of Loxone


“Loxone does things for me without me needing to lift a finger. Be it at home, in the office or in the local water plant that I look after. The possibilities are endless. This not only frees up my time, but also gives me peace of mind that everything under control. With Loxone, I want to share this unique comfort with the world. "

Thomas Moser
Founder & CEO of Loxone

And now, an idea that started with smart homes has progressed even further…

Create automation with Loxone

Loxone is a complete automation system with intuitive control – suitable for smart homes, commercial premises and custom applications. Loxone is a fully-scalable solution allowing for the creation of automation in single-point applications, smart homes, MDUs, hotels, offices, as well as other commercial and industrial applications.


Our mission

Save 50,000 tasks. Enjoy more time for life.

For Loxone to be able to take care of thousands of different tasks and processes through intuitive automation. Whether in your own home, a commercial environment or for a custom application. Creating automation with Loxone saves time and gives peace of mind knowing that everything is under control.


Our Stories

With humble beginnings in 2008, our founders Thomas Moser and Martin Oller were motivated by the idea of a home that can take care of functions like safety, energy efficiency and comfort on its own with little need for manual control. During a time when cars park themselves and have automatic headlights, why shouldn’t a home take care of tasks similarly?

And here we are now, spreading a lifestyle that homeowners and business owners are bringing into their lives and never looking back. Loxone efficiently manages tasks for homes, hotels, offices and commercial buildings of all types.

Today, Loxone is Respected International Technology Group with more than 20 branchs all around the world and 10.000 global partners, present more than 100 countries with more than 7 million products. Together with 300 enthusiam employee, Loxone are daily change their users'life by saving 50,000 tasks and more time to live.

Loxone headquarters, or “Basecamp”, in Kollerschlag, Austria is where hardware and software is developed. And product is mainly made in Germany and other European countries.


Loxone Vietnam

After 2 years of researching and discussion, Mid of 2021, Eurostellar and Loxone are agree to cooperation as Exclusive Representative and Distribution Partnership.

Eurostellar with variant experience of cooperation and distribution with European producers and more than 300 Partners across Southeast Asia region will definitely bring valued-add and EU standard service to all Loxone Partners in Vietnam and other countries in near future.

We are not only selling the boxes. We are here to help our partners. We help you with product know-how, training, certificate, project design and installation.

Your success is our goal!


Eurostellar - European Technology

Why Loxone?

There’s a reason you go for a custom build. You want a home that fits your unique lifestyle. That’s exactly where Loxone takes your home to the next level; by completely adapting it to your lifestyle with true automation.

What does a Loxone Smart Home do? It provides a flexible, reliable ecosystem that takes control of lighting, audio, room climate, security and more to meet unique needs wether you’re home or away. You save on energy and costs without even trying. Learn more about the five main ways Loxone automation simply works for you:​​


Why Loxone?

"More than 300 devices are made in Germany, Austria, Czech an other Europe Countries with Highest quality standard and stability. We use most advanced manufacture system included 3D-printing, AI. Robot and more."

Experience the Smart Home

We’ll take you on a virtual tour to show you what it’s like to live in a smart home. Check out the lighting, access control, burglar alarm and much more.


Flexible & scalable

Possibilities are endless for home automation in any size custom build with room for expansion. Start with a smart kitchen solution or bring intelligence into the whole home, or even outdoors – choice is yours.

For installers, learn how to start installing Loxone with complete flexibility.

Reliable & secure

With our powerful software and reliable Miniserver communication, each component of the smart home interacts flawlessly while adjusting to your needs. No Cloud, no Wi-Fi connection needed. Your privacy is 100% protected – your smart home, your data.


Simple control, yet rarely needed

With our Touch switch, you can minimize switches throughout the home. With just a tap on one of its five Touch points, you can control lighting, blinds, music and more.

Plus, a built-in temperature & humidity sensor keeps your room climate in check.

Thiết kế chưa có tên.png

A complete solution for your smart home

A smart home with Loxone simply knows what to do. Be that in the morning or in the evening while you’re cooking, entertaining, or just relaxing. It plays the music you each want to hear – even if it is something different in each room. It creates the right atmosphere with lighting moods. It makes sure every room is always at the perfect temperature. All aspects of your home work together in harmony to ensure a level of intelligent-automation that is only possible with Loxone.


Home Automation

Smart home is not only turn on, off the devices or control via app or voice. Our Loxone Smart Home is beyond that. Loxone help your house operation by itself and adapt your daily activities. Saving you more than 300 tasks everyday, 50,000 tasks every year. Bring you more time for love one and yourself. The house which made you proud.

Control Loxone is easy, you can use Loxone Touch or App. Find out more.

Intuitive Control

Via App

With our app, you can control all of your blinds with one hand. You’ll also be able to see the status of your blinds at any time. Constant updates ensure that the Loxone App is always improving and adding new functionality. 

Via Switch

Control the blinds in any given room via one simple switch standard. Whether it’s our Touch, Touch Pure or our Touch Surface you can adjust the blinds with just two touch points. Simply use the top left of the switch to raise the blinds and the bottom left to lower them, it really is as simple as that.

Loxone App

The Loxone Switch Standard

Fewer buttons, more clarity – this is the motto that inspired the Loxone Switch Standard.
By designing switches with fewer buttons, operation becomes clearer for everyone.



Just a tap on the large central area will switch the lighting mood. A tap on the top or bottom left corner will raise or lower blinds, respectively. The same goes for control of music on the right hand side corners to adjust the volume.


When you’re leaving a room, a double-tap in the center is all you need to shut off the lights and connected devices in the room. If you double-tap the top right corner for music, it will change the music source. To switch off music again, you can double-tap the bottom right corner.


A triple-tap activates ‘All Out’ Mode. This means the entire building will go into a sleep mode by switching all lights off, disconnecting standby devices and arming the burglar alarm. If this is done on a bedside switch, it activates ‘Night’ Mode.

Touch Pure Flex

A brand new way to provide customised room control. Assign only the functions that are most used or needed – thoughtfully made to meet the needs of spaces with frequent new users, such as hotels. With integrated temperature and humidity sensors, it can also act as a thermostat for temperature control.

Learn more

Touch Pure

The Touch Pure brings an elevated feel to the Touch design. With a high-quality build, the Touch Pure has a frameless real glass surface and ceramic, fingerprint-free finish. Plus, the built-in orientation light will help guide the way at night.

Learn more


Beautifully designed with a matte plastic surface, the Touch brings a single compact control element to any room. The five touch points let you control the essential functions in your smart building with ease.

Learn more

NFC Code Touch

The NFC Code Touch offers an ideal combined access control solution for your doors, gates, garages and alarms in a single device that boasts a modern and sleek design. Thanks to a wide range of functionality, it can be used for individual and one-time access.

Learn more

Touch Nightlight Air

Versatile functionality and stylish design meet to create a control element right by your bedside. The Touch Nightlight Air can be used as an alarm clock, ambient light, and an easily movable control device for any living space.

Learn more

Touch & Grill Air

Grilling and the outdoors go together with the Touch & Grill Air. This mobile control device has a high-quality housing, a UV-resistant, splash-proof glass surface and a long-lasting battery. With Loxone Air technology you can measure temperatures anywhere!

Learn more

Touch Surface

An almost invisible switch, the Touch Surface hides in plain sight on a variety of surfaces like stone, wood, ceramics and glass. Transform your kitchen countertops, desks or even your shower walls into a smart control device for the whole room.

Learn more

Remote Air

The Remote Air is a unique wireless remote control with the same capabilities as its Touch counterparts. Besides the Touch standards for lighting, music or shading, you can also assign the buttons to control the garage door, alarm system and more.

Learn more

Loxone App

Control your home from your phone. With the Loxone App, you can view and adjust key functions within a smart home and view important info and notifications all from one screen. Thanks to simple user management and assignment of user rights, our app is also ideal for commercial properties.

Learn more