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One switch made just for you!


Easily pick your functions.
Many buttons or just one – you decide.

The Loxone Switch Standard has always been the simplest way to control smart homes, offices, and commercial spaces. However, with a new need for more personalisation appearing over the years we knew we had to do something – so the Touch Pure Flex was born as a more personalised approach.

From functionality, colour, layout, icons and labelling, each Touch Pure Flex is perfectly made to match the exact requirements of your project.

Plug & Play

The Touch Pure Flex is manufactured for you, pre-configured exactly to your needs and delivered to you ready to use. With the use of a unique Config ID containing your personal configuration, the Touch Pure Flex can easily be integrated right into your project. Simply connect the device, assign it and you’re ready to go.

Alternatively, you can download a config file of your Touch Pure Flex in advance and make adjustments and customisations to it like any other Loxone product. Then you can pair the Touch Pure Flex through Config or the App as usual.

Brand new API Connector

The new API Connector allows you to easily link your Touch Pure Flex to any device with a compatible function, so a Touch Pure Flex with lighting capabilities can link with a room’s lights. Other devices will automatically recognise the intended function of each button on the Touch Pure Flex with the help of pre-configuration.

Uniquely Yours.
Product Features


Personalized Design
From functions, colour, layout, icons and labelling, the Touch Pure Flex is uniquely made for you.


Glass surface

The interface’s high-end quality is emphasised with real tempered glass and a satin ceramic finish.



The Touch Pure Flex is designed for outdoor use and is protected against the occasional rain or splash (Protection class IP 34).


Laser-engraved Icons

State-of-the-art laser technology delivers a precise and permanent engraving of the functions on your Touch Pure Flex.


LED Matrix Display

Get important information such as the current temperature, playlist and more, with a simple glance at the integrated display.


Status LEDs

Choose up to three functions that will display their status with predefined LED indicator lights. 


Color options
A truly polished and elegant feel:
The Touch Pure Flex is available in
white and anthracite.



The Touch Pure Flex is both Air and Tree compatible, making it the ideal solution for every application from early construction to retrofitting.


Climate Control

The Touch Pure Flex is equipped with a temperature and humidity sensor, ensuring the optimal room climate.

Matrix Display


A room’s current temperature can be displayed with the versatile LED display. With your customised presets, simply use your adjustment keys to bring the room to a desired temperature with just one tap.




Cycle through your favourite songs using the selection buttons, change the volume and get info right on the display.

Doorbell System

Having a highly individualised doorbell system is easy to implement from family homes, apartment buildings or vacation homes.


Built-in Clock

Easily see the exact time on the LED matrix display.

Elegance meets

The Touch Pure Flex brings an elegant, clean look to what would normally be chaos on the wall. It bundles all of your switches, remotes and apps in one place while offering limitless functionality.


Fully Customized
Laser Engraving

The Touch Pure Flex is manufactured exactly to your specifications. With the latest laser technology, we create a unique device for every user. 


The Anthracite version of the Touch Pure Flex can be equipped with illuminated icons. With a bluish glow, this effect creates a stunning look in the dark.


Access Control

Use the Touch Pure Flex as a standalone device or pair it with the Intercom and NFC Code Touch for even more functionality. The set of stylish frames across these products creates a polished unit.


Single Mounting Bracket
The high-quality mounting frames are made of anodized aluminum and are available in Anthracite and Silver.


Double Mounting Bracket
The double frame is perfect for combining the Touch Pure Flex with the Intercom or the NFC Code Touch.


Triple Mounting Bracket
The triple frame provides maximum flexibility in all your Loxone projects.

Reliable Operation

Fully developed by Loxone, the Touch Pure Flex will seamlessly fit into any Loxone installation and receive free updates for years to come, just like all of Loxone’s products.

The right technology
for every application


There was a clear goal in
mind when we developed our Tree technology: save on installation time in new building projects. With flexible Tree wiring, implementing the Loxone Touch Pure Flex Tree can be done in mere moments.


Loxone’s Air technology easily brings automation to retrofit and renovation projects. Wireless communication is reliable and easy by radio waves – no need to pull cables, it’s battery-powered.

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