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Baby breathing monitor for your peace of mind
The Nanny breath monitor will look after your little one

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Medically certified breathing monitor


Nanny is a certified medical device that has successfully passed strict clinical evaluation. This breathing monitor is absolutely safe for children and is used in maternity hospitals and infant care institutions around the world.

In contrast to a baby monitor, which only ensures audio and video transmission, the Nanny breathing monitor detects baby's breathing movements and thus represents reliable protection in case of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).


Anyone can install Nanny


Installing Nanny is very easy, fast and anybody can do it. The batteries are easily inserted into the control unit. They have a very long life and you are warned of the need to replace them well in advance. No special maintenance is required.

  • Insert batteries

  • Place the sensor pad in position

  • Connect the pad to the monitor

  • Switch on

Sleeping Baby

How Nanny works


Each time the baby breathes out, a green light shows on the display. If the baby doesn’t breathe in for a duration longer than 20 seconds, or the breathing frequency decreases to under 8 breaths a minute, a red light appears and an alarm goes off. The sound alarm itself is able to wake up the baby from a deep sleep.


Nanny summons help, even though your baby can’t ask for help by itself. What’s more, it can also help in cases of respiratory arrest due to choking.



Parents all over the world are happy with Nanny and recommend it - with over 215,000 units sold.



The Nanny breathing monitor is used in many countries all around the world.



Parents have already been trained by us on how to save their children.

Rely on the Nanny certified medical monitor

Made by Jablotron – a traditional European company with its own research &

development team and production facilities.

The quality management system ISO 13 485 assures you that not only the monitor itself complies with the certification on medical devices but also related services (such as production, storage and distribution, technical support or servicing) consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements.

Nanny BM-02

This smart and purely Czech product provides parents with security, peaceful sleep and control over their baby's proper breathing. He constantly guards his breath and movements.

Lifetime: 10 years

Warranty: 24 months


Nanny BM-03 (New)

The new Nanny BM-03 offers a unique function for detecting the laying and removal of babies. BM-03 is a certified medical device that monitors the child's breathing and is also suitable for premature babies weighing 1 kg. The only product on the market can:

  • warning when forgot to turn on the monitor. 

  • Remind to turn off the monitor when baby was removed from the crib.

  • monitors the age of the pad, notify you during the automatic power-on function test.

Lifetime: 10 years

Warranty: 24 months

BABY Mattress


The premium children's mattress was made in the Czech Republic and achieved the highest rating when tested with Nanny's breath monitor.

Price: Please contact to us

Warranty: 24 months

Happy Baby

Do you sell children's goods or medical devices?
Become a part of the Nanny family.

Why it's worthwhile working with Nanny


 A unique product

Expand your portfolio with a product that makes sure that children around the world sleep soundly at night.

Technical support and service

You can rely on local technical support and free service for you and your customers.

Fast delivery

No need to have a large stock. We deliver the goods within

5 days.


Marketing support

Make it easier to do business by making use of the free marketing materials we will provide you with. We will also share our marketing know-how with you.


Promote your business

Your business can gain the kudos of a recommended Nanny retailer.


European Quality

Become Nanny partner is cooperating with biggest Czech and market leader of Technology in European. Our products are Made in EU with highest quality standard.


Maternity hospitals in the Czech Republic use Nanny.


PoCT controls of Nanny monitor for hospitals.


Euro in contributions from sales to put Nanny in maternity hospitals and health care facilities.


Nanny is a certified medical device according to valid EU legislation, which has successfully passed independent clinical trials. It does not restrict the baby’s movement, does not emit any harmful radiation and is used extensively in healthcare facilities.


Be a Nanny reseller

Become a part of the Nanny Family so you can offer mothers a unique product that will ensure a quiet night's sleep as well as the safety of the most precious thing in their lives. We appreciate a job well done and we offer our partners support and long-term growth.

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