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Jablotron Nanny has just launch BM-03

Aktualizováno: 6. 3. 2023

The new Nanny BM-03 has a range of supplementary functions such as the world´s unique automatic detection whether the baby has been placed on the sensor pad or taken off.

Nanny BM-02 has already looked after hundreds of thousands of children. After years, it finally got its sibling, which is several functions smarter - BM-03. This does not mean, however, that it is necessary to abandon the BM-02. The older sibling is already a greaser and has proven itself on the market, so it would be a shame to get rid of it. This article will show you how the younger type BM-03 differs.

Nanny is a certified breathing monitor designed for use in healthcare facilities, but also in homes. Warns in case of respiratory arrest, which can occur in children due to choking or SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). It will also alert you to a drop in breathing frequency by means of significant flashing and a loud sound. The breath monitor consists of an electronic evaluation unit and a sensing pad with a sensitive sensor, which is placed under the cot mattress. Both types of breath monitors fulfill this function. In the video How Nanny's breath monitor is made , you can see how carefully each breath monitor is made.

For the safety of the baby, you now have a choice. The Czech company Jablotron launches another model of the popular Nanny breath monitor. The new Nanny BM-03 builds on the reliability of the BM-02 and offers a few extra goodies.

For a better idea of ​​the difference, we will use an analogy with mobile phones. Different versions of mobile phones are available in the market. Basically, they are of the same quality, you can definitely make calls and send sms with them. But then they have some extra functions. So it just depends on your needs, whether you use these features or the basics are enough for you. This is precisely the difference between Nanny BM-02 and BM-03 . Both reliably monitor your baby's sleep. However, the BM-03 goes with the times and brings several functions that increase the comfort of use. Now we will introduce them individually. The fundamental difference is, for example, that the newer type is more sensitive, it can monitor the breathing of even babies weighing from 1 kg. BM-02 is intended for babies weighing from 2 kg. Both types can of course also be used for babies in the incubator.


First of all, we definitely have to mention the unique function – baby placement/removal detection. The device will thus notify you that you have placed the baby in the crib, but you have forgotten to activate the device. Of course, the BM-03 also has the trick of detecting when the baby is taken out of the crib. It's true that it sometimes gives parents heart attacks, but it's proof that the monitor works as it should - the alarm goes off when it doesn't detect the baby's movement and thus not even the baby's breathing. This is the function that parents need for their peaceful sleep.


A practical novelty with the BM-03 is an integrated night light that illuminates the front panel of the unit for 30 seconds, so you don't have to use another source of light in the room to serve the baby. If you press the lamp button again within 20 seconds, you will extend the lighting time. So you don't have to turn on anything in the room, if you don't press the button, the intensity of the light will gradually decrease.


A significant innovation is the integrated temperature sensor in the evaluation unit. Overheating the room is one of the risk factors of SIDS. The sensor works in the comfort zone from 16.5 °C to 28 °C, in the event of a deviation below/above these values, the lights will flash. If the temperature is lower, the sensor flashes blue. If the temperature exceeds the limit, the light flashes orange. Then you should lower the temperature in the room to prevent the baby from overheating.


The new Nanny BM-03 automatically recognizes day or night and adjusts the lighting intensity of the signaling diodes accordingly. They will shine at night with less intensity than during the day. This will especially please those of you who are sensitive to any light during sleep.


Two pads can be connected to one BM-03 monitoring unit. The washer can be purchased separately as a spare part under the designation BM-03D, or in a convenient set. Up to about 6 months of age, one sensor pad is sufficient. As soon as the baby starts to move, a second one can be added to the crib and connected to the same evaluation unit. It contains two sockets for connecting the pad. The order in which you connect the pads does not matter. The sockets are the same.

Until it is the turn of the second mat, this can be left in the second cot at home or with another caregiver and travel with only the evaluation unit. This saves space in your luggage and you don't have to worry about forgetting the mat.

Note that if you have twins, each child needs their own evaluation unit. It is not possible to connect two pads in different beds to one unit!


Can't decide which one is right for you? Both breath monitors are manufactured with the utmost care. Nanny BM-02 is intended for those who like proven things and are satisfied with the basic functions of the device. Nanny BM-03 will appeal to those who like designer products, various technical gadgets and are happy to pay extra for various extra functions. The only case in which you should definitely get the Nanny BM-03 is if you have a baby with a significantly lower birth weight. Nanny BM-03 has sensors so sensitive that they can detect the breath of babies weighing at least 1 kg.

EUROSTELLAR | Exclusive representative of Jablotron Nanny in Southeast Asia.

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