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Israel’s primacy in the security market is a globally recognized factor. Since it existed the geopolitical tensions that have affected the country have pushed the industry to invest in emergency management, cybersecurity, intelligence, and critical infrastructure protection. This allowed security manufacturers to gain unparalleled expertise and a worldwide reputation for developing leading-edge security solutions.

Founded in 2006, Provision-ISR is an International CCTV brand from Israel manufacturing in China and one fastest-growing CCTV brands around the world. We serve more than 40 countries on five continents with branches and official distributors working as partners to promote the brand in their regions.

Brand philosophy - Partner Scheme

We “protect” all the players in the supply chain, from the big distributor to the small installer, and respect the professionalis of each one. The distributors and the installers who choose PROVISION-ISR feel confident with the brand that demonstrates its approach daily with concrete action. 


We believe that focus is the key to building great products. Our brand offers a Limited range of products answering real market needs. We focus on each feature, ensuring that it performs at ít best and that we have the flexibility to adapt quickly to product changes and improvements.

Western Business Approach

With our Israeli DNA, we emphasize the importance of human relationships even in a business context. We believe in long-termpartnerships based on respect and constant growth


We strongly believe that sharing knowledge is the key to professionalism. Our responsibility is to pass on our knowledge from the manufacturer to the installer through the entire supply chain. We listen to and learn from our target audience, which keeps us improving solutions according to actual market needs

Attention to
vertical markets

Nowadays, a wider variety of vertical markets show an increasing need for video surveillance, and security manufacturers must provide high-performance technologies at a very competitive price. Provision-ISR can accomplish this requirement thanks to a comprehensive product suite included with advanced analytics functions, and cutting-edge software solutions


While the designing process takes place in Israel, theproduction facilities are based in Shenzhen (China). This setupallows us to be highly competitive in the market. Provision-ISR engineers select the best components available on themarket, and the quality control that follows the productionprocesses allows us to reach the expected top-qualitystandards

Logistics and global distribution

Three Logistics warehouses strategically located in China, the Netherlands, and the USA allow Provision-ISR to reach any global market, quaranteeing fast and efficient international distribution.

Today we serve more than 40 countries through a vast network of official exclusive distributors working as a partner to promote and expand the brand in their regions.

product range

Provision-ISR products include high-quality IP and HD cameras, sophisticated recording devices, and a complete range of reliable accessories specifically designed for CCTV market. In addition, Provision-ISR engineers gained unparalleled expertise in developing leading-edge software solutions while keeping their interface simple and intuitive.

International projects

Hospitals, shopping centers, industrial complexes, hotels, sports facilities, residential areas, museums, and historical building; Provision-ISR CCTV solutions are developed to fullfill any security requirement. Through the years, the Brand has gained the trust of the security market, and today the world can count thousands of projects branded by Provision-ISR

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Cyber security awareness in the field of CCTV
The market scenario

Modern CCTV Cameras are essentially functioning as small computers that run operating systems and applications. As such, they are also susceptible to hacking attacks. Intruders are starting to use more sophisticated and unique methods to access networks, data and assets. Their goal is to gain a foothold into sensitive networks, exploit vulnerabilities quickly, and profit from them.

With sensitive information to be protected, security leaders such as Provision-ISR are responsible for keeping a proactive approach in avoiding this risk by securing their video data and video surveillance systems.

Provision-ISR wants to lead from with 100% secure CCTV devices that will give customers peace of mind. By partnering with Check Point, Provision-ISR CCTV devices will gain protection against sophisticated threats, out-of-the-box.

With Check Point embedded security in CCTV devices, Provision-ISR stands apart from other similar CCTV offerings. This builds user confidence in an ever evolving and dangerous cyber physical world.

Embedded runtime protection for cctv devices
Check Point IoT Protect Nano Agent

Revolutionary Check Point IoT Protect Nano Agent provides IP connected CCTV with runtime protection, enabling Provision-ISR devices with built-in firmware security. 

Based on cutting edge control flow integrity (CFI) technology, Check Point IoT Protect Nano Agent runs inside the device in the firmware level, harden it, and provides runtime protection against the most sophisticated attacks such as shell injections, memory corruption, control flow hijacking and even zero-day firmware vulnerabilities that have yet to be discovered. 

It blocks any deviations such as unauthorized commands or processes. It protects the device from Data and privacy breaches, from attempts to disrupt the normal operation or take control on the device, and even attempts to use the device by attackers as a backdoor to the organization and using it to attack the network

NDAA Compliance

The John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for the Fiscal Year 2019 was passed on August 13, 2018.  The Law specifically Section 889 prohibits federal agencies, their contractors , and grant or loan recipients from procuring or using "Telecommunications and video surveillance equipment or services" from specific Chinese companies as a “substantial or essential component of any system, or as critical technology as part of any system.” The NDAA ban includes telecommunications equipment produced by Huawei Technologies Company or ZTE Corporation and video surveillance and telecommunications equipment produced by Hytera Communications Corporation, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Company, or Dahua Technology Company.

Provision-ISR Statement

With headquarters in Israel and manufacturing facilities located in Shenzhen, China, Provision-ISR supports NDAA compliance across its product line and is committed to complying with all government and international trade regulations. Provision-ISR is committed to providing NDAA Section 889-compliant products and does not have OEM, ODM, and JDM relationships with the named vendors in the NDAA. Provision-ISR cameras and network video recorders (NVRs), which do not use or deploy critical components, including SoCs produced by NDAA-banned component vendors, comply with the NDAA. The Provision-ISR compliance product list will be regularly updated on Provision-ISR’s website.

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A brand new design, a series for every need, advanced analytics capabilities.
Provision-ISR IP range will leave you speechless.



In recent years CCTV software has meant Video Analytics: crunching the visual data streamed from network cameras and performing real-time event detection and post-event analysis. However, when it comes of video analytics, we should consider the following main distinction: Standard Video Analytics and Advanced Video Analytics

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EASY-CHECK is a high-performance access control reader developed by the Israeli brand to prevent the spread of cross infections and viruses such as COVID-19.

This all-in-one device performs face recognition, mask detection and temperature measurement in accordance with the recent guidelines on safety and risk prevention.





If you’re looking for a new device that can be easily integrated into an existing CCTV system,
our HD cameras are the answer.

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Face Recognition is part of the Intelligent Video Analytics functions developed by Provision-ISR.

If the “face detection” is managed by the camera; the “face recognition” is managed by the NVR.

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Offering a 360-degree vision is the main advantage of Provision-ISR panoramic camera. The extension of the visual field guaranteed by this device allows the user to gain an excellent overview avoiding the so-called blind sports.



Provision-ISR’s Rainbow cameras, equipped with CNV (Color Night Vision) technology, return sharp and superior quality colors even in poor light conditions, providing visual details that significantly contribute to the identification of people or objects.


Smart Plate

As the world progresses and services become automated, there is a growing request for computerized systems in automotive-related areas such as gate control, city surveillance, and parking lot management. LPR (License Plate Recognition) is a game-changing technology that stands at the center of all these solutions. Provision-ISR LPR cameras rely on the most advanced image-processing technology.

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Designed to enhance surveillance capabilities into the dark and to deliver 24h amazing color images, Sirius HD cameras rely on both state-of-theart sensor and extremely advanced lenses.


Our new Intelligent Auto-Tracking PTZ cameras rely on Provision-ISR’s object recognition technology (DDA Video AnalyticsTM) to find objects of interest on the site (humans, 2-wheeled vehicles, or 4-wheeled vehicles) and to track the object's movement within the field of view.

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DDA VIDEO ANALYTICS is part of the Artificial Intelligence features developed by Provision-ISR. Based on smart objects recognition technology, DDA VIDEO ANALYTICS allows the system to distinguish between: human beings, 2 wheel vehicles, 4 wheel vehicles.

Provision ISR Camera Ảnh nhiệt.jpg


DDA VIDEO ANALYTICS is part of the Artificial Intelligence features developed by Provision-ISR. Based on smart objects recognition technology, DDA VIDEO ANALYTICS allows the system to distinguish between: human beings, 2 wheel vehicles, 4 wheel vehicles.

CAM2 APP.jpg

Software & App

Ossia OS, Ossia VMS, Provision Cam2 APP.
Provision-ISR engineers gained unparalleled expertise in developing leading-edge software solutions while keeping their interface simple and intuitive.


Do you want to monitor your devices by a PC software? Have you got multiple devices or users which you need to manage? Our new Ossia VMS (Video Management System) platform is the solution for you.


The software was designed for CCTV systems featuring multiple devices or users in the local network or even spread across different geographical locations. Ossia VMS helps the user to take control of all connected devices (DVR/ NVR/IPC) from a single platform.

When the “SHOB” Security Management Platform, meets Provision-ISR LPR cameras the full story can be told: the cameras detect and recognize a vehicles license plate and send the information to the “Shob” platform for parking and access management.


The IP Manager is used for quickly locating Provision-ISR’s DVRs, NVRs and IP Cameras.


There are extensive configuration capabilities for static IP cameras. Provision-ISR’s PTZ cameras and 3rd party ONVIF cameras can be found as well by the IP manager but cannot be configured like static IP Cameras.


Provision CAM 2

Provision Cam2 is a free application for iOS & Android devices. It is compatible with all NVRs, DVRs and static IP Cameras.

It offers the users full control over their devices including live view, playback and settings. It is secured against unauthorized access and is user friendly and intuitive for all users.


Provision-ISR Ossia OS is one of the most innovative operating systems available in the market developed by Provision-ISR engineers for the management of all Provision-ISR’s DVRs and NVRs.

Provision CAM 2

Provision Cam2 is a free application for iOS & Android devices. It is compatible with all NVRs, DVRs and static IP Cameras.

It offers the users full control over their devices including live view, playback and settings. It is secured against unauthorized access and is user friendly and intuitive for all users.

Why Provision-ISR?


The products are designed by our R&D department in Israeli and product in our factory in China with strictly supervising and quality control by our owned Expert which maintain highly standard but reasonable and affordable price 


The products meet the NDDA compliant and cooperating with TOP Cyber security company in the world for protect the data and privacy of clients. It is also have Server located in European Union which fulfill and follow the EU standard and regulation.


We believe that the installer shouldn’t be forced to choose between brands or technologies. What does it mean? Provision-ISR solutions have been designed to be compatible with the ones of other brands. Our HD cameras allow the installer to select the output and they are well-matched with any recorder machine available in the market: TVI, CVI, AHD, ANALOG Our HIBRID DVRs allow the installer to connect each and every channel to the technology he wants! Each channel automatically recognize the connected device.


According to Provision-ISR philosophy “advanced” shouldn’t be a synonymous with “complicated”. This is why our Israeli engineers aim at developing advanced software solutions keeping the user interface simple and intuitive. Do you need an example? Today, thanks to the APP Provision CAM2, you can easily manage you face database with your smartphone!


Provision-ISR software developers, always keep an eye on technological developments. Our software and apps follow the latest trend in the technology market, such as: virtual reality, gaming, social networks sharing and touch gesture. See first-hand!


Since the beginning, Provision-ISR’s professional ethics has led the company to “protect” all the players in the supply chain, from the big distributor to the small installer, respecting the professionalism of each one. In Provision-ISR’s eyes, each “link” (manufacturer, distributor, installer and end user) follows his own role within the chain and makes it perfect! Both the distributors and the installers who choose Provision-ISR, feel confident with the Brand who daily demonstrates its approach with concrete action: for instance, unlike other manufacturers, Provision-ISR discourages online sales.


Provision-ISR represents a One-Stop-Shop for all CCTV product needs. Our range of products includes a full series of tested and reliable accessories, many of which are specifically designed for CCTV market! The CCTV mode function featuring Provision-ISR PoE Switches, is just an example of the above mentioned.


With Eurostellar services and support, we will help you in daily basic business from technical support to marketing activities. We are not only selling the boxes, we are here to help your business grown faster and stronger together. Check the Cooperation program here.


Not only about CCTV, we are Exclusive representative of World-Class Technology Manufactures such as Security & safety, IoT, Modern Access Control and Verification and more. Most of our products are able to communicate to each other so you are not only cooperate with mono-brand supplier, you are cooperating with one of the most reliable and professional provider. 


We are targeting to Mid-end and High-end segment with strictly price level regulations, we are not just working with anybody, we carefully choose limited number of partners and installers. Contact to us for more information.

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Using our secured CCTV solution for your home and business is ideally solution to make sure 100% Safety.

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