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hi-fi meets Loxone Automation

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With Loxone we offer a flexible 360° smart home solution for your intelligent home – easy to use, extremely powerful and universally applicable. We also supply the appropriate sound technology directly – whether ceiling speakers, wall speakers or premium speakers: All Quadral products are compatible with Loxone technology.

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Whether hotels, restaurants or offices, the industry cannot escape the trend towards automation. Automation is one of the most important components of the New Work era and should not be missing in modern companies. Our Loxone technology provides smart and convenient solutions for controlling sound, light and climate.

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The feel-good factor and the desire for a modern living style with home automation, also require the best sound quality. After all, what would a smart home be without smart sound? That’s why our Loxone partners and end users rely on Quadral’s 50 years of hi-fi expertise.


Finally hi-fi quality in your smart home system

Audio Automation

With the Loxone Audioserver as the central playback device with integrated amplifier power, you can seamlessly integrate your Quadral loudspeakers into the modern Loxone system. The keyword is plug and play. There are no limits to your wishes – in combination with Loxone Stereo Extensions you can control up to 24 loudspeakers. It is not only en vogue in your home, but also a must for modern workplaces and gastronomy.

Audioserver - Không gian âm nhạc đỉnh cao

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Real hi-fi and state-of-the-art automation

It’s that simple.


Automation can hardly be easier and more intuitive. In this way, your loudspeakers, your bell or even the smoke detector become smart in just a few minutes.

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Wall Speaker


Wall Speaker

Look forward to the new Quadral Wall Speaker in black – ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms as well as offices, restaurants and hotels. Also ideal for 2, 4, 6 or more speakers or in stereo downmix mode with just one speaker. Best quality at a unique price – perfectly tailored for use with the Loxone Audioserver.


The Quadral In-Ceiling 7 ceiling speaker impresses with its extraordinarily even and wide dispersion, which ensures an excellent sound profile. It was specially developed for use with the Loxone Audioserver.


Wall Speaker


Wall Speaker

Wall Speaker


Wall Speaker

The audio server is not a speaker – it is the power behind your customers’ wired speakers. In combination with high-quality, passive 4 - 8Ω loudspeakers, an impressive sound experience with brilliant sound is created. Whether it’s quiet or loud, crystal-clear background music or powerful party beats – the audio server masters all requirements. Combine its 4 integrated audio outputs into any group and provide music in all rooms. Its limitless expandability makes the system infinitely flexible and freely scalable. The audio server can be integrated almost invisibly and absolutely seamlessly into the intelligent building: as a loud alarm system in the restaurant, intelligent doorbell in the smart home, for individual announcements in the office and much more.


Everything can be automated

Private or commercial?


With its high quality, the modern Loxone automation is not only suitable for private use, but also for the automation of your business.


Feel-good factor: Just imagine the following scenario: You enter the living room and at that very moment your favorite music starts playing in the best quality. As you then stroll from the living room into the kitchen, the music begins to play there as well. Gorgeous right? And if you don’t feel like motion detection, start your favorite hit with the intuitive operation of your smart home app.


Security: Of course, the automatic motion detection feature is optimal when it comes to playing your song in the part of the house, where you are. The technology also allows you to receive acoustic feedback in the event of a break-in, smoke emission or water damage. A loud alarm signal, and at the same time via the app, will alert you immediately and you can intervene.


Even more luxury: Our mission is to make you feel like a king or queen at home. We have more features and options to make your home even more automatic. For example, by integrating your doorbell, your alarm clock or with text-to-speech technology; Wouldn’t it be great if your house told you the washing machine was ready after you asked for it?

Quadral - Loxone HiFi Audio Solution 


Quadral - Loxone HiFi Audio Solution 

The Aurum models


Impressive sound quality and perfect elegance – our Aurum series has been setting new standards in terms of sound and innovation for over 40 years. Experience power, dynamics and sophistication in a unique combination and enjoy technical finesse and exclusive design in the 9th generation.



TITAN delights audiophiles as well as owners of high-quality home cinema installations.

Create your individual speaker according to your colour requirements. Select a colour for your speaker from the RAL colour catalogue and send us an enquiry. We will then manufacture it for you.

The Chromium models


Pleasure with all your senses – when designing the Chromium series, we placed particular value on style and haptics in addition to sound. The goal was not only to offer the best sound quality, but also to elevate the loudspeakers to style icons. The result is an unmistakable, elegant design with the perfect Quadral sound.


Chromium 105

Classical: 1 Pop: 1 Rock: 1 ... The Chromium 105 is a real performer, expressing the feelings in the music. It owes its sheer dynamics to the advanced Balanced Distribution System. This distributes the power evenly among the three full-cone speakers and ensures a flawless bass experience. First-class complemented by the E-sense ribbon tweeter, the superb sound quality extends into the treble range. But the Chromium 105 wouldn't be a speaker in this excellent series if it didn't package the technology so stylishly – that can truly be heard and seen.


The Signum Models


Tangible, differentiated sound with maximum power – that’s what our Signum series stands for. Equipped with the excellent, fine-resolution RiCom Sigma ring radiator, the sound converters make the air flicker and turn acoustics into a passion. Our hi-fi makers also created our titanium polypropylen drivers for the mids and basses, and ensure homogeneous and impressive surround sound.


Signum 70

The SIGNUM 70 has outstanding dynamics with plenty of rich bass thanks to powerful double drivers. To ensure they do not interfere with each other, the bass and mid-bass drivers have separate enclosure chambers. Its high gloss finish ensures that this product looks as good as it sounds.


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