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Since its inception in 2008, the BAS-IP Ltd. has been at the forefront of designing state-of-the-art intercom systems, utilizing cutting-edge IP video surveillance and IP telephony technologies. As a result, BAS-IP now offer some of the most advanced and groundbreaking IP intercom solutions available in the marketplace today.


Dedicated to the development and production of IP intercom solutions, access management, and communication systems, BAS-IP is a leading industry player.

The extensive range of products offered by BAS-IP encompasses video and audio door entry intercoms, mobile applications for intercoms, mobile access credentials, and IP-based public address systems.

Since its establishment in 2008, the company has consistently prioritized product design, ease of use, and optimal performance of its devices.

By adopting a tailored approach to each project, BAS-IP ensures that the most suitable solution is identified for every partner.

In 2021, the company’s exceptional product, Obelisk, was recognized with the prestigious Red Dot “Design Concept 2021” award.


BAS-IP is a leading global intercom manufacturer and supplier of advanced intercom systems.

Operating on an international scale, BAS-IP has the capability to ship its products to virtually any country around the world, ensuring that customers have access to cutting-edge intercom technology regardless of their location. By leveraging a well-established distribution network and strategic partnerships, BAS-IP guarantees timely delivery and professional support to customers globally.

With a focus on quality, customer satisfaction, and technological advancement, BAS-IP is the go-to choice for those seeking state-of-the-art intercom solutions.


Certifications received by BAS-IP.

Awards received by BAS-IP. Awards received by BAS-IP.



All household devices are evolving. Progress has not ignored such a conservative market as intercom system.

IP intercoms (intercom over ip or internet based intercom) are intercom systems that harness IP technology (Internet Protocol technology) allowing users to interface with the building’s local network over Wi-Fi opening up a range of security and convenience possibilities.


Our wired intercom systems are easily connected using Ethernet cables (UTP5, UTP6), while our wireless systems utilize Wi-Fi for seamless connectivity. Our intercoms work flawlessly in both configurations and can be integrated into existing local networks within a building. With BAS-IP, there are no limitations on the number of door stations, entry panels, or simultaneous calls within a single system. Programming can be done locally from the intercom monitor or through specialized BAS-IP software.


BAS-IP offers nearly limitless options when it comes to building your IP video intercom system. As a highly specialized company, we focus on expanding our model range, software, and functionality within a single product group, without venturing into unrelated markets. Our IP intercom systems come with a wide array of features, which you can explore in detail in our dedicated section.


Our team of experts prioritizes not only convenience and functionality but also the safety, reliability, and protection of our equipment. All BAS-IP software is developed in-house and undergoes regular security audits to ensure the highest levels of protection against external threats.


BAS-IP intercoms offer compatibility with SIP and RTSP, and seamless integration with access control and video surveillance systems, paving the way for innovative applications of these devices.

· Multi-factor authentication

· Mobile Access/Keyless entry

· Visitor Access, QR Codes, PINs

· Temperature control

· Elevator control

· Integrations

· Link Management Software

· Face Recognition

· License Plate recognizers



Multi-Resident Building: A Seamless Living Experience

BAS-IP’s intercom solutions have revolutionized the way residents interact with their living environment. In a multi-resident building, implementing the BAS-IP intercom system not only enhanced security but also facilitated seamless communication between tenants, visitors, and building management. The system’s user-friendly interface and integration with smart home technology provided a new level of convenience and accessibility to the residents, elevating their living experience.

Home: enhancing safety and connectivity

As homeowners increasingly prioritize security and smart home technology, BAS-IP’s intercom solutions have emerged as a popular choice. In a suburban home, the installation of a BAS-IP intercom system not only increased security but also improved connectivity with family members and guests. The intuitive interface and compatibility with smartphones allowed the homeowners to monitor their property and communicate effortlessly, creating a safe and connected living environment.

Elevator Intercom Based On Ip Tech

Elevator intercoms serve as a lifeline for passengers in case of emergencies or technical issues. They provide a direct communication channel to building management or emergency services, ensuring swift assistance when needed. As such, having a reliable and efficient intercom system in lifts is essential for maintaining safety standards and reassuring passengers.

Commercial: Streamlining Operations And Security

In a commercial or industrial setting, efficient communication and security are critical for smooth operations. BAS-IP intercom solutions played a pivotal role in improving workflow and safety measures in a large manufacturing facility. By integrating the intercom system with access control, video surveillance, and emergency response features, the facility experienced a significant improvement in communication and overall security.

Hospital: reinforcing patient care and safety

Hospitals and medical facilities require advanced communication systems to ensure efficient patient care and safety. In a state-of-the-art hospital, BAS-IP’s intercom solutions were employed to streamline communication between medical staff, patients, and visitors. The system facilitated rapid response to emergencies, enhanced patient privacy, and improved overall hospital security. The integration of the BAS-IP intercom system proved to be a game-changer in delivering exceptional patient care.

School: Fostering A Secure Learning Environment

Educational institutions need robust security and communication systems to protect students and staff. In a progressive school, BAS-IP’s intercom solutions were instrumental in providing a secure learning environment. The system enabled seamless communication between classrooms, administrative offices, and external visitors, ensuring the safety of students and staff. Additionally, the intercom system’s integration with access control and video surveillance features significantly improved the school’s overall security.


Our IP-based intercom systems can be found in a variety of global projects, including residential and shopping complexes, luxury apartments, gated communities, and clubhouses. To learn more about these installations, visit the “Projects” section. All of our intercoms are fully original and come with a three-year factory warranty provided by the service center.

If you’re still undecided about a particular model or have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts via the feedback form. They’ll be more than happy to assist you in selecting the most appropriate option for your needs.


Currently, Eurostellar is proud to be the exclusive representative of BAS-IP - MADE IN EU/UK smart intercom and building management solutions in Vietnam. We are actively seeking Distributors/Strategic Partners for BAS-IP in the Vietnamese market.


  • As an authorized partner in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, you will become a Technology Ambassador for Europe, working directly with 15 brands from EU/G7 countries. You will receive the best discount policies and operate a modern, promising, and profitable long-term business model. You will be deeply trained in product knowledge, sales skills, service, and business management.

Cooperation Policies:

Price & Price Confidentiality Policy: Price confidentiality, not disclosed on media unless agreed upon by all relevant parties.

Discount and Authorized Partner Policy: Based on potential and business performance as well as commitments between both parties, Eurostellar will provide suitable discounts and business targets.

For specific project products, we support partners in proposal drafting, pricing, presentations, offer pricing advantages, and project protection to ensure partners can work with investors and customers with confidence.

We also provide technical support, construction supervision, and accompany partners in critical projects.

Benefits of Collaborating with Eurostellar:

  • Free marketing materials (brochures, leaflets).

  • Technical support, construction supervision, and accompanying partners in critical projects.

  • Our products have been localized with complete documentation, brochures, catalogs, presentations, and attractive display items. We have three warehouses in HCM, continuously receiving new stock, ensuring your peace of mind.

  • We provide high-quality, proven technology products and solutions.

If you're interested in becoming a partner or distributor of BAS-IP through Eurostellar, please feel free to contact us for further discussions and collaboration opportunities.

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