Jablotron invest 150 Million Czk to new production plant

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Jablotron is building a production hall in Jablonec's Rýnovice for 150 million crowns. He will move the plant there from the premises of the former Jewelery.

Jablotron is planning to produce alarms right next to the prison. No, this is not the beginning of the New Year's Eve text, "said the co-owner of the company Dalibor Dědek, commenting on the beginning of construction work on the production hall in Rýnovice in Jablonec.

The hall will be used by a subsidiary from the Jablotron holding, JabloPCB. The current production plant in the former Bižuterie complex, where it installs printed circuit boards, is already small for the company. According to Dalibor Dědek, the new hall will cost about 150 million crowns.

"We are moving the production of electronics to Rýnovice with our existing employees. Production conditions will be significantly improved. We will also add machinery, "said Dalibor Dědek.

New JablotronPCB production plant.

Today, JabloPCB employs about 200 people in shift work. However, the new hall will allow for space for possible development. In the future, 250 to 300 people can work in Rýnovice. Production, storage and office space will cover an area of ​​about 7,500 square meters. The new building will also serve as a representative office of the company.

Currently JablotornPCB production plant.

So far, preparatory earthworks are underway in Rýnovice. The building itself will not break out until the spring season. "Completion is scheduled for this fall. At the turn of the year, we want to start production in the new premises, "said Vladimír Stanislav, CEO of Jablotron Buildings & Facilities, which is the investor in the construction.

The Jablotron Alarms logistics center has been in the neighborhood since 2016. It stores finished products in it, which it then ships to customers.

Two years ago, Jablotron bought the buildings and adjacent lands of the former maternity hospital in Jablonec nad Nisou from the Liberec Region. The transaction cost 15 million crowns. One of the visions of Jablotron at the time was to build a new complex on the site of the current brownfield. However, the company does not yet have clearer plans for the use of the area.

"We have more visions. One of the possibilities is that we will use the area as land. But we are still trying to come up with something so that we can also use the building. Although its dispositions for new purposes, such as housing, are very problematic. But there will definitely be something useful and we make sure that there is no horror when entering Jablonec. We think that the production hall should be in the industrial zone and not between residential houses, "said Dědek.

In the Czech Republic, Jablotron produces 70% of its production. The company is trying to increase the share of domestic production.

About ninety percent of the company's turnover is generated by alarms. The flagship is the Jablotron 100 security system, which the company sells in more than 80 countries around the world.

In addition to alarms for use in houses and apartments, the company also offers, for example, systems for guarding or monitoring vehicles or monitoring the breath of infants. However, the intention is no longer just the production of babysitting equipment, but also to increase domestic comfort. For example, heating or air conditioning can be connected to the system.

Credit: idnes.cz

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