The JABLOTRON 100+ alarm system can be controlled by time, and even recognizes sunrise and sunset

Have you ever wondered how you could simplify everyday tasks such as turning on the outdoor lights at the right time, reliably locking up your store after employees leave, or regulating the heating when no one is in the building? The JABLOTRON 100+ system offers not only security but also rich automation options and comes up with several solutions.

Calendar events and DAY/NIGHT mode

Turning on the lights, which is activated by a motion sensor, is now a common occurrence. But what's next? Let's look at some other options.

A smart and significant part of JABLOTRON alarms are the so-called programmable outputs, like virtual switches, thanks to which various other devices can be controlled. Just think about what makes your life easier. The installer then connects the necessary devices to the system, sets up the “brain” of the entire system – the control panel - and thus creates precise rules for the system's behaviour.

Another option offered by the latest JABLOTRON control panels (JA-103K and JA-107K) is the use of an integrated astronomical calendar. By entering the geographical coordinates, the control panel knows exactly where it is located, and the DAY / NIGHT mode is then regulated by the current sunrise and sunset at that location. If necessary, this time can be moved up to three hours forward or backward. Thanks to the DAY / NIGHT mode, you will have much fewer worries.

How can you use a smart solution at home or in a company?

Your house will automatically turn on the desired lights every night at dusk, and at the same time the blinds can be adjusted to protect your privacy. Thanks to the night mode, it is also possible to designate motion detectors to automatically light up rooms as you pass through the house. Additionally, the lights and sounds of the internal control keyboard are dimmed, so you can enjoy an undisturbed evening.

Calendar-controlled events can be set for a predetermined time, regardless of the time of year. Are you thinking of a solution for your store? Let's say the business hours are 8 AM to 5 PM on weekdays and 8 AM to 11 PM on Saturdays. The technician sets specific action times for each day. After the employees leave, the system can, for example, secure electronic locks, switch off shop windows and signboards, reduce the heating and switch on a movement-activated outdoor light.


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