Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo: 100% lights controlled by Loxone

The Ullevaal Stadium is Norway’s national stadium and home to the Norwegian National Football Team. As the stadium was close to its 100th birthday, the Norwegian Football Association decided it was time to renovate. A significant part of this renovation was building automation, and of course, they chose to go with Loxone.

Support for all lights

The stadium naturally has many different types of lights – however, they are now all controlled with Loxone. The openness of a Loxone system means that integrating various kinds of lights, such as DALI, is straightforward. Furthermore, as this is the national stadium, a lot of TV production is done at the Ullevaal Stadium, and for this, they need specific lighting conditions.

“With Loxone, we have a better control of energy usage and a functional lighting system that covers the various needs of the facility”, states Øyvind Sakshaug, Technical Director of the stadium. “When doing TV productions, we set the different environments along with the camera team. It’s great to save this as a preset for the next time and quickly revert to the previous settings. That’s invaluable.”



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