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The Dutch Police selects bodycams from Zepcam

2000+ Zepcam T2+ Body camera is preparing for all departments in Dutch Police

Dear valued Partners and Customers, Today we proudly announce that the Dutch police selected Zepcam as the supplier of bodycam systems for Dutch police officers. During the selection process, Zepcam cameras were proven to be best-in-class with the highest scores across the board: the user test, service and implementation plans all scored top marks. Zepcam’ s cameras have proven to be user friendly, robust and trustworthy, amongst many other positive things.

The bodycams will be in full operational use in all police corps in the Netherlands by the summer of 2021. For more information on how the Dutch police are planning to incorporate the Zepcam bodycams in their daily work (and on the positive effect bodycams have on policing), please view (Dutch language). As a long-term supplier of effective mobile video solutions to frontline professionals around the world, we are very proud to be able to support the Dutch police in their work of keeping the streets of the Netherlands safe and secure.

Want to read more on the contract the Dutch police awarded to Zepcam?

Read the full press release here: press release. Congratulation Zepcam for another milestone and great job. We hope this information will help you understand more about Zepcam solution and how our products assist frontline law enforcement everyday.

Eurostellar is proudly become Authorized Distributor of Zepcam in Vietnam and Southeast Asia region. For more info please contact to: +84 902 401 488 or

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