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World class alarm, smart home and other products well known from more than 70 countries.


Let us be your guide to all aspects of Precision Agriculture. We’ve combined our own experience with years of consulting with farmers. The result is the CleverFarm app, which integrates all priciples of Precision Agriculture into a single place. Now farmers can reduce material costs, increase yields, and be more efficient at work.

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The most advanced Alarm Response Centre used by many security companies around the world.

Techfass is premium manufacturer of high quality, fully programable access control system. All products are designed by prominent European designers and manufactured in EU in unconpromised quality.

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TREVOS is leading European manufacturer of linear fluorescent light fittings and economical LED light fittings suitable for use in industry and offices. Our priority consists in delivering a high-quality light fitting with long life to the customer. We introduce light to the life of people in more than 60 countries of the world.

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Autogard is European leader in parking systems and pedestrian & vehicle access control. Original design, high technical standards and most importantly long service life and reliability in challenging operating and weather conditions are the key factors that have made AUTOGARD products popular at customers in many countries around the world.

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Thanks to the extreme flexibility, integration and adaptability of the devices, CAME manages to achieve an advanced, global automation concept, able to coordinate all that can be automated inside and outside the home in the office and in every urban-collective environment. Simplification, expression of convenience and freedom of movement free of all obstacles, these are the solutions we provide.

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