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Building Automation System for custom processes

Regardless of how unique your project is, Loxone can offer you high-levels of automation as a customised building management system. The Loxone Miniserver – the brain of the system – is intelligent enough to process detailed logic, so individual requirements are no issue whatsoever.


Individual solutions for individual problems

Thanks to our powerful solution you can solve numerous individual problems on your project. The graphical interface of our software along with the large selection of function blocks allows simple and quick implementation when coupled with the know-how of a Loxone Partner.   


Our Patners have already implemented countless unique solutions on projects. Here are a few interesting examples:

Automatic rain-dependent
irrigation of a football pitch 

Automatic locking of the pumps at a petrol station if the CCTV cameras are disabled or malfunction.

Level monitoring and alarm in automatic car wash

Automated parking system with pneumatic bollard control

Temperature monitoring and control to maintain the cold chain in a large butcher’s shop 

Server monitoring via periodic ping request and a subsequent phonecall if downtime is detected

PH_industrie.min_ (1).png

Intelligent building automation 

Loxone has a multitude of open and configurable interfaces; this paired with the freely programmable nature of the system gives you the individuality you need. The goal of intelligent automation is to comprehensively integrate the entire building together to create a holistic system which works together. Here are some examples of intelligent automation:


Automated ventilation


Temperature & humidity recording 


Automated hall or warehouse lighting

Completely scalable

If you have a particularly large project, several Miniservers can be merged in a gateway/client grouping. This increases capacity and enables automation on a large-scale.

The gateway Miniserver combines all of the respective sub-areas together and forms a comprehensive system with an accompanying app. Should the maintenance or expansion of an individual sub-area be needed, all other sub-areas will continue to run autonomously. Due to the gateway/client relationship of the Miniservers, any updates can be handled locally. 


Focusing on your specific requirements 

Loxone has a wide range of open, freely configurable interfaces meaning integration into every single element of the building is possible. The following interfaces are available:  


Extensive product range

Our extensive product range means you can get all of your components for your commercial project from just one source. Our products enable the intelligent automation of lighting, heating, audio, security, shading and so much more, all from within one eco-system.


Individual user rights 

Manage all of the users in your commercial property. Individualise the access rights of respective user groups and assign different permissions accordingly. Decide who can make signifcant changes to your system and who can simply benefit from using it.

Powerful Software & Free Updates

Whether it’s a hotel, office or apartment building – our powerful suite of software complements your installation and the required functionality. One aspect that is pretty special is that our software is completely free and always up-to-date thanks to free updates.

IG_api (1).png

Open API

We offer our intelligent technology as a platform. Control the Miniserver using your proprietary app or create your own visualisation, for example. Using our open API, you can meet custom requirements with the Loxone Miniserver at the core.

Home automation for MDU developments

With over 200,000 Loxone installations worldwide (most of them smart homes), it’s safe to say automation is in greater demand than ever. However, Loxone can be found in more than just traditional family homes, with developers around the world turning to Loxone to automate their large-scale projects. By implementing Loxone technology, you can increase the value and attractiveness of your development whilst simultaneously simplifying the installation process.


Including home automation as standard in your development

Loxone is one of Europe’s leading home automation brands, with the number of Loxone projects growing in their thousands each year.
As a result, our established, reliable solution has become the first choice for several small and large scale developers to include in their builds. From single occupant to large family homes, Loxone is ideally situated as a smart solution for multi-dwelling units and apartments.


Unlike off-the-shelf devices that often stand-alone systems, Loxone truly holistic solution for lighting, heating, audio, security, shading and much more. All of which can be perfectly automated to suit the needs of a home’s occupants. The system can be tailored for a specific function, such as lighting, or it can be expanded to control all elements of the building including zoned heating, smart security, access control, automatic blinds, and more.

In addition, Loxone offers the following functionality for large scale developments of all kinds:

Intelligent building protection and supervision

Loxone offers comprehensive functionality for the protection and monitoring of the building:


Fire and water alarms

Smoke detectors, water sensors and temperature sensors ensure that your properties are continuously monitored. Upon detection, an alarm chain will immediately be triggered.

Storm and Frost protection

Using a weather station for live data, the building can automatically react when the weather turns and the wind picks up, closing roof windows, and retracting external shading.


Mould prevention

Excessive humidity can cause considerable damage to the interior and fabric of a building. Monitoring humidity and controlling airflow can prevent mould growth.

IC_house-ok (1).png

Building management

Data such as temperature, humidity and air quality are continuously recorded. This data can then be sent to the building management staff collated for monitoring.

Simplified building maintenance

Loxone offers a range of functionality that simplifies the management and maintenance of multi-dwelling units and apartment buildings.

Electronic access control and monitoring

Central monitoring of maintenance schedules, with notification functionality 

An open interface for the connection of your own administration software

Central management of user accounts

Measurement of electricity and water consumption

200+ Products

Loxone offers a wide range of products which allow you to intelligently control lighting, heating, audio, security, shading and much more, all from within one eco-system. This ultimately offers residents a unique living experience with unparalleled levels of comfort.


Simpler than other automation systems

Award-winning Tree technology is a completely free-form cabling topology, allowing you to wire for home automation in a way that suits the installation. Just one cable is needed to handle both communications and the carrying of power for all peripheral Tree devices. This minimises the wiring effort and can reduce the cable needed by up to 80% when compared to other similar automation systems.

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