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TECH FASS s.r.o. is a Czech company founded in 1996. It operates on market for more than 20 years as access control system and time & attendance systems producer, including own hardware and software development. In 2015 TECH FASS became a member of Jablotron group. We manufacture all our products in Czech Republic, the sale is realized using a net of professional partners and distributors. Currently we operate, besides local market and Slovakia, in selected markets in EU. 


Since 2005, Techfass became the Member of Jablotron group. Thanks to own development department we have a high-quality technical and professional background capable of securing the technical support for entire life cycle of our products. We are able to provide a simple access control system, as well as a complex freely programmable solution.


Also, we offer our support for our partners in areas such as projects and non-standard solutions, which are suited to fulfil the specific requirements of more complex solutions. Our systems are designed in a way to offer solution for a wide range of applications reaching from a family house, blocks of flats, companies, to large industrial areas, universities or hospitals. The TECH FASS system enable to integrate selected elements of third parties or be integrated in the software solutions for central object management.


The TECHFASS® access control system offers versatile solution for all applications. From the smallest autonomous reader to large integrated systems with central management.

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School & Hospital

The access control system for a family house increases the comfort for the residents; the keys belonging to different doors are replaced with a single key fob. The entire system can be managed as a standalone system with no need for PC connection – the IDs are managed with the master cards directly at the readers.


The access control system in blocks of flats solves the problem of often key losses and wearing off the lock cylinder on entry doors. The system can be managed by the residents themselves using a standard PC with APS HiT program.



The time and attendance system registers the arrivals and departures of employees, which are processed in well-arranged summaries. The entire system communicated with the server using a communication converter.


Complex access control system using a programmable system controller, which processes the status of other building technologies, such as IDS, etc., and uses the other system statuses for effective and secure access control. The system essence is own customized program controlling the system controller unit, which enables to fulfil highly customized demands for each application and enables to fully use software extensions (e.g. guard tour duty monitoring) and other systems in the object.


In larger operation compounds the emphasis is put on accurate personnel access control with anti-passback rules. The system essence is own customized program controlling the system controller unit, which enables to fulfil highly customized demands for each application and enables to fully use software extensions (e.g. guard tour duty monitoring) and other systems in the object.

A solution for a large number of users, whose access to the object is conditioned with e.g. time schedule or remaining credit. Thanks to the online authorization process the number of users is unlimited and fulfills the requirements for the most visited objects. The same system registers the time and attendance data of the employees at the same time.


School & hospital

Controlling attendance over the internet.

The parents can get the notification when their children arrive school or the patient can get help from anywhere inside the hospital.

The Access control is also can increase the security level, reduce the risk of thief or control other systems.


A solution for smaller hotels and boarding houses is aimed especially on easy installation, which requires only changing the door lock. The locks operate in standalone mode and are powered with own batteries. The reception operator just issues the guest cards, which have access to selected rooms.

Why Techfass?

  • European Technology & Standard

  • High Quality product with reliable opeartion

  • Made in EU

  • 3 years warranty

  • Tailor-made solution

  • Friendly using

  • Data Security

  • Fully control

  • Easy to interagte with third-party

  • A part of Jablotron Eco-system


The standard TECHFASS® readers are suitable for both surface and recessed installation. Unique solutions are readers for integration into audio and video entry panels.

Beyond the standard


As a member of Jablotron group, we are able to integrate with Jablotron'ecosystem and other solution.

Eurostellar is provide complex solution with other technology. For example, an smart parking system using Techfass RFID Reader or Long Range Reader or an Smart Building managing by Techfass Access Control System and Lift Control system which can work with E-lock or an fire alarm.

Techfass is a great option for tailor made access control as well as friendly enough to connect third party devices.


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