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"Without sensors, we would not have detected problems in the fields or with stored material in time, and the damage would have been many times greater." Bc. Ondřej Bačina


AGROSSyn Farm has 1150 ha of agricultural land on which it grows crops that must be controlled. The condition is monitored daily - whether the growth is not attacked by pests or fungi, both in the field and later in the post-harvest halls or silos. In the event of detection of pests, it is necessary to intervene in time, otherwise there is a risk of deterioration, and therefore additional costs. However, in any case, it is a loss for treatment, so it is more beneficial to prevent this threat.


The AGROSSyn farm is large. Every field and warehouse needs to be checked. This requires the time of one of the employees. Furthermore, they follow the rules of precision agriculture, which means that fertilizers are applied in those parts of the field where they are needed in order to comply with the principles of sustainable development.


We met Mr. Bačina at the TechAgro fair, where we offered him rod sensors. These 3.2 m long rods are inserted into the harvested crop in the post-harvest hall, where they measure the temperature at 5 height levels. The data is sent by the sensor in real time every 30 minutes to the CleverFarm application, and based on it, the agronomist decides whether the crop needs to be aerated. On the basis of weather stations or vegetation sensors located directly on individual fields, they decide what activity they will perform where or how to apply the products, so that the effectiveness of the product is as good as possible, without him having to personally go to the site in a targeted manner.

The results

After three weeks of winter wheat storage, the application began to show higher temperatures in one layer of the grain. An authorized person was sent to the site to take a sample, perform testing and determine the presence of the pest. The batch had to be cleaned, ventilated and returned to storage. Without this, the pest would multiply and cause great damage. If they did not monitor the state of the harvest using sensors on the farm, they would lose at least 10‒20% of the harvest, which makes a non-negligible percentage of the profit. In addition, the sensors help to determine the location of the infestation, and the farm saves on the use of chemicals by exterminating the pest throughout the warehouse. Furthermore, thanks to data from satellite data, the AGROSSyn farm does not have to worry so much about penalties for excessive use of fertilizers - thanks to the application, they also have an overview of the climatic conditions on the farm.


EUROSTELLAR - AUTHORIZED PARTNER OF CLEVERFARM IN SOUTHEAST ASIA Showroom: 449/63 Truong Chinh St, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Hotline: +84 902 401 488

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