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Automation in buildings allows for maximum efficiency without complicated controls in the areas of lighting, heating, security, energy management and much more. Put simply, things happen as they should – automatically. At the same time, the building is able to optimise to its environment, integrating systems in an efficient, safe and sustainable way. This functionality becomes simplified and seamless with Loxone. Below, we’re taking a look at 10 reasons to choose Loxone for your building automation system:

1. Minimise manual control Gone are the days of needing to manually control lighting, heating, etc for each room. In a traditional building, we’re used to making an extra effort just to be aware of turning off the lights or the heating to save on energy costs. Well with Loxone, this can all be easily configured to happen automatically through Loxone Config. The brain behind every installation, the Miniserver, can also inform you when actions are needed for maintenance, changes of filters, etc. So paired with intuitive software tools, it’s easier than ever to create a complete system that works together and meets a wide range of needs for automation in buildings. Example: Heating and automatic blinds intelligently working together Loxone brings all aspects of a building into one comprehensive system. If it’s a sunny day, for example, the Miniserver will automatically raise the blinds in order to heat the room naturally – if the desired temperature is reached the heating will be scaled back. This is just one example of how Loxone can intelligently automate a building. More on Config

2. Flexible and scalable for any sized project Regardless of the size of your building automation project, the Miniserver enables endless possibilities and gives you maximum flexibility. With Loxone, expansion of any system is possible with our wide range of Extensions. When it comes to larger buildings, where an overall control system is required however independent control of areas or zones is need (think hotel rooms), multiple Miniservers can be used in a client/gateway grouping. We’ve even seen this used in a professional football stadium. View Case Study

3. Advanced, customisable lighting control

Let’s start with lighting moods for any occasion. In any building, it’s possible to combine different light fixtures, high or low-voltage, with varying colours and intensities. With completely flexible control of individual or grouped lights, adapting to the needs of each project brings even more possibilities to hotels, restaurants, pubs, offices, shop and more. An intelligently lit space provides benefits beyond pure aesthetics. Specifically, when it comes to wellness and productivity, tunable white lighting effect can support circadian rhythm and improve well-being in the home, office and other environments.

Take a look at this doctor’s office transformation with impressive Loxone lighting control.

The most unique need presented by my client on this project was a lighting system that is customisable, controlled remotely from his phone and could be zoned off by room while still having the ability to set scenes for the entire building. Highlighting a replica Thor hammer with special lighting effects was a centrepiece to this project. This level of customisation is what my client was most excited about. Jameel Gibbs Loxone Partner, Smart Home Solutions

By using the intelligent technology of Loxone, we have created an additional support for residents and caregivers. The technology performs many tasks in the background and supports our residents. We can give the residents even more security. This is especially important in times when there is no caregiver on site. In an emergency, the caregivers are automatically notified. Brigitte SowbodaLoxone user, LifeHelp

4. All-around building protection Beyond events such as burglary, Loxone can react to potential dangers such as water leaks or frost. If danger is detected, the system can be programmed to send a notification to your smartphone, and if needed, turn off the water supply, sound an alarm and more. This comprehensive level of protection is achieved by using a range of our intelligent sensors. Additionally, Loxone can enable preventative maintenance – notifying you when something needs to be changed or serviced (a filter for example). Rather than the traditional approach of waiting until something becomes an issue (i.e breaks), Loxone will tell you in good time giving you a chance to act before the component fails. View Case Study

5. Individual room control for temperature and more We understand that different rooms have different purposes and therefore shouldn’t always be the same temperature. With Loxone you can enjoy perfect temperatures around-the-clock thanks to our individual room control. All of this is done automatically so you can relax. Presence of people in the room, external weather conditions and desired indoor temperature are all factors in how the heating & cooling system regulates itself.

6. Keep your data private In today’s ever-connected world, data security is an essential issue and it’s one taken very seriously by Loxone – which is exactly why our system is Cloud-free. Any system programming, schedules, presence, modes, users, etc. is stored safely, locally on the Miniserver in each installation. Unlike many other “smart” systems out there, your data is not bought or stored in any way within the Cloud, nor disclosed and released to anyone. Our philosophy: your building, your data. In addition, functions such as automated lighting, zoned heating, multiroom audio and much more are all available without any need for the internet. We do offer some features which need internet connectivity however these are non-crucial functions such as online weather data and push notifications to your smartphone.

7. Simplify energy management An interconnected system is an energy-efficient system. The heating, cooling and blinds all work together in unison to ensure maximum energy efficiency. If it’s too cold the blinds will automatically rise to heat the room using the power of the sun. Then, only if this does not achieve the desired outcome, is the heating activated. When it’s too hot the blinds will automatically lower in an attempt to reduce solar gains. Furthermore, you can integrate solar panels into your Loxone system with ease. Then you can use the energy you’ve collected to help with the demand. The current electricity consumption and electricity production will also be recorded via an intelligent energy meter – which you can view at any time from directly within the Loxone App.

8. Intelligent, personalized access control Loxone offers a wide range of options for access control in both homes and commercial buildings – due to the flexible nature of our system all manner of access control is possible. The NFC Code Touch enables keyless access with the ability to use either NFC Key Fobs or enter a personal access code. With the Loxone Intercom, you’ll be able to see and talk to anyone at your door regardless of where you are in the world. You can even let them in remotely if needs be. However, Loxone gives you comprehensive access control beyond entrance to the premises. You can also restrict access to sensitive areas within a building (such as management offices, server rooms, etc.) based on each user’s individual permissions.

9. The Loxone App Whenever a change is needed on-demand, the Loxone App is available to instantly control all essential functions – even when you’re on-the-go. With constant updates and new features, the flexibility of the app makes it just as suitable in commercial properties, such as hotels, as in smart homes. Easily define users, manage access rights, set lighting moods, change the music source and much more. When my family and I were on holiday, I got a notification on my smartphone saying that there was a problem with the refrigerator. I phoned the engineer and when he came I was able to give him remote access to the building. He was able to sort the issue quickly which meant that food inside was saved – which would have been a great loss for us. Johannes Doneus Hotel and Restaurant Owner, Gasthof Post

10. Multiroom audio – more than music The Audioserver gives you an intelligent multiroom audio system that can, of course, give you great-sounding music, but it can also do so much more. It can be installed in almost any type of building, enabling a wide range of functionality – whether that’s a powerful alarm system in a restaurant, an doorbell in a smart home or voice announcements in an office. Plus, the Stereo Extension adds 2 more amplifier outputs to the Audioserver. These outputs can be used to create extensive audio zone groupings – giving you a highly-flexible and low maintenance multiroom audio system. Learn more

Among these reasons for automation, Loxone is compatible with numerous communication protocols (Modbus, Dali, DMX) and devices on the market, making the system completely flexible.

All functionality is configured with Loxone Config and easily controlled through our range of touch switches or via the Loxone App. Loxone gives you a simple, customisable, all-around building automation solution. Seeing as you’ve made it this far learning about Loxone, why not get started with us?

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