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AI, surveillance cameras and body cams to prevent abuse in custody

Nordin Muhamad says the prison transformation plan will focus on providing ‘humane and caring’ treatment in line with international standards.

PETALING JAYA: Prisons in the country will be equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), surveillance cameras and body cameras on prison staff to prevent abuse in custody.

Prisons commissioner-general Nordin Muhamad said the use of AI, surveillance cameras and body cams would prevent the abuse of inmates within prison walls and also protect prison staff.

Speaking after a regional conference on prison reform, organised by the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam), Nordin also said it had been proposed that the health care of prisoners should come under the health ministry, “so that we do not have to face the problem of a lack of resources, facilities and equipment to take care of the prisoners’ health”.

He said the prison transformation plan would focus on providing “humane and caring” treatment in line with international standards.

In July, it was reported that three deaths in custody under the prisons department were being investigated.

They comprised one case at the Simpang Renggam prison in Johor on May 27, another at Kajang prison on June 21, and a third, involving a Nepali national, at the Kluang prison also in Johor on May 30.


Source: Daniel Azhar

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