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Ambient Assisted Living with Loxone automation

What is AAL?

Support when it matters most, in the least obtrusive way. Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) solutions support people in everyday life who may typically need additional care.

Automation technology gives them more independence, comfort and security while minimizing the need for caregivers.

Advantages for residents

As our life expectancies increase, a large percentage of people want to grow old in their own home and to be as self-sufficient as possible – even if some level of care becomes necessary.

Home & Building Automation can help facilitate this by taking care of a range of tasks in the background while also keeping a protective eye out by monitoring for anything unusual.

Not only does this improve people’s quality of life, but it can also help to reassure family members that everything is taken care of.

One of the massive advantages of Loxone is that the solution can be individually adapted to suit the exact requirements of a specific person.

Advantages for Care-givers

Of course, AAL automation is great for residents however, it’s also great for those who provide care.

Care workers are usually extremely busy, working long hours. By using automation technology some of the weight can be lifted off their shoulders – allowing them to focus on the more crucial areas of their jobs.

For specialist care facilities, including automation in your properties increases the comfort for both residents and careers – meaning that you’ll be one of the most sough-after establishments.

CuraeVitel – Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) in practice

In CuraeVitel Balie, 2,300 flats were equipped with Loxone building automation technology. Falls and/or unusual behaviour are intelligently identified through a range of sensor and reported to the management team – allowing them to act if necessary.

The use of automation technology, not only gives the residency a better quality of life it also relieves the careers of many of their daily tasks – allowing them to focus on the more important areas of their jobs.

Aging in place with independence

Automation is the key to achieving this wish with little effort and full comfort for the resident and the family members or caregivers.

Technology takes care of tasks in the background while it’s also possible for a caregiver to monitor the functions for the resident, unobtrusively. Less worry for everyone.

The automation system is flexible and can adapt to unique needs and lifestyles.

Upgrade facilities for Assisted Living

The technology not only adds value to the lifestyle of the residents, but also increases the value of the property.

For the care staff, technology can always be relied on to support them. So extended hours for additional care can be reduced without extra worry.

Tasks are handled more efficiently for the care staff and business operations are improved.

How to live easier with AAL

Fall detection Presence detection plays a key role in determining a possible fall or other hazard. Emergency call The Button Air and Wrist Button Air are always reliable to make an instant call in case of an emergency. Reminders A text-to-speech reminder can play at predefined times, for example, to take medication.

Emergency access Quick access at the time of emergency. Lights flash and the door will open automatically.

Routine check Automation and predefined behaviors can help a caregiver monitor day-by-day activities. Prevent hazards Safely monitor critical household appliances, with automatic deactivation if necessary.

Night light When presence is detected leaving the bed, a night light is switched on to gently guide the way and prevent falls.

Security If unwanted presence is detected, such as an intruder, an alarm will go off and a push notification will be sent to specified contacts.

Locked out? Access can be given remotely by a caregiver who has access rights in the Loxone App.

Automatic lights Lights will automatically switch on or off based on presence. This ensures efficiency and safety.

Air quality Constant monitoring and control of ventilation keeps residents healthy and reduces the risk of infection such as COVID-19.

Room comfort The desired temperature can be set for each room at any time. For example, the bathroom only gets heated in early morning and the evening.

Example: Fall Detection

In our animation above, Presence Sensors are key to detecting presence in a complete journey from the bed to the bathroom. If there is no longer presence detected when there is expected to be, the Loxone system will recognize this is a potential danger.

In this scenario, an alarm gets triggered after a specified time of no presence detection. Push notifications are immediately sent to caregivers.

Ambient Assisted Living Products from Loxone

More devices from LOXONE

We hope you have more interested information with Ambient Assist Living solution from Loxone. If you want to apply AAL to your home or your Elder House, please contact to:

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