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The benefits of bodycam systems for technical services

Bodycam systems for technical services are cost-efficient tools that support lone workers in the field, connect them directly through livestreaming and support process improvement, training as well as personal safety.

For many in the industry visual aesthetics, for example during the building of a new skyscraper, is crucial. A need for high quality photography and recording clearly exists. Imagine the benefit of an engineer working alone, and in a remote place being able to instantly and visually explain an issue and call for guidance. Or a construction worker able to livestream operations for the architect. Or the road workers that need protection through bodycams to combat rising abuse. There are many reasons and use cases that call for full support through bodycam systems; from bodycam to video management and data processing and analysis.

Bodycam systems for technical services allow for remote guidance and support

There are thousands of companies employing millions of frontline professionals working as lone workers in the field. These millions of lone workers need adequate and continuous support to do their job accurately and efficiently. Already most engineers are constantly in contact with a central control room that supports and guides them through crucial works and repairs. What has been missing in many companies is the ability to directly communicate and cooperate through livestreaming. Livestreaming is a relatively new function of bodycam technology that is only offered by a select group of providers. Many companies indicate that livestreaming bodycam systems:

  • Allow direct, efficient communication

  • Improve support in the field

  • Make company process more (cost) efficient

  • Provide useful information (metadata) for a range of purposes

Through livestreaming bodycams issues with repairs, questions, requests for extra materials and support can be done instantly and efficiently. Because those in the central control room can see live images of work being conducted, they can offer advice and support with much more speed than traditional communication methods. Being able to follow all actions in the field allows for better, quicker and more efficient handling of activities. Architects, who are often on the road between projects can follow the construction directly and live, allowing for decisions based on visual evidence/data on the ground. When there is an issue, they can instantly be at the scene guiding and supporting the work. Managing safety officers on an oil rig can accompany inspection rounds themselves through livestreaming bodycams, and can make recommendations based on visual data that is instantly streamed to their computer, laptop or phone. In industrial settings, managers and technical staff can directly help alleviate production and maintenance issues without ever having to set foot on the factory floor. The use of livestreaming bodycams for supporting and guiding frontline professionals can not be understated. They can be supported continuously in the field, resulting in better working conditions and more efficient practices. With modern technology to address modern issues of communication and support for lone workers, companies can improve their processes for more efficient results.

Bodycam systems for technical services increase site and employee safety

Construction sites are often high risk areas when it comes to safety. There are strict guidelines and procedures to protect employees in the field. Accidents and issues do occur and when they do, eyewitness accounts often miss the full objective picture of what has happened. With bodycam systems for technical services there is a consistent, impartial witness than can record indisputable evidence of what has happened, who was involved and what damages were incurred. This is beneficial in terms of liability and insurance, and also to provide the data for analysis so that this never happens again. Further increasing the safety of future operations and employee safety and satisfaction. The safety of construction sites is also related to the public. There are roadworks in every country, and workers have been facing rising abuse from drivers for years. It is an absolute necessity that the frontline professionals maintaining the infrastructure of our countries remain safe to do their work at all times. Bodycams have shown to drastically reduce the amount of verbal and physical abuse faced by frontline professionals in many industries. Furthermore, construction sites are long term projects that need to be protected from thieves and criminals looking for materials to steal. Many companies hire security services to protect their property. There are often only a few security guards, who can benefit from wearing bodycams. To reduce the number and intensity of incidents with the public, to record indisputable evidence of criminal acts, and to offer data for insurance claims or future improvements to on-site security.

Bodycam system data supports training, teaching and process improvement

By providing real-time and recorded documentation of any elements of a job, companies can create a database of projects including video, audio, tags and comments. Through intuitive video managements software they can easily and quickly create an informational basis for future best practices, training of new staff and promotional material to show their good work. This has a positive effect on the costs incurred for training new or existing staff, as well as on the speed of resolving future similar issues.

Through bodycams and their associated video management software companies can:

  • Train new staff with their unique database of footage

  • Provide training for existing staff

  • Map consistent or recurring issues and resolve this with actionable bodycam data

  • Create content to market and promote their brand and the good work they conduct

  • Appeal to new staff with the latest technology affecting the ease of their work, as well as unique personal development opportunities

Company processes can greatly benefit from the informational basis provided through bodycam systems. They create a permanent record of visual and auditory data which can be used indefinitely to analyse and improve company best practices. Data is the most valuable commodity in the modern world and companies can greatly benefit from all the data collected through bodycam systems. With modern turnover leading to a consistent stream of new employees this provides solid value for their training and development.


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