Sustainable Business of the Year '21 with CleverFarm

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"Sustainability is a huge challenge, where its importance is above the very individuality of companies. Only on the basis of changing global corporations from Toyota, IKEA to Adidas and Nespresso, it is clear that this megatrend will not go away and we cannot fall asleep in the Czech Republic either" ,describes Václav Gregor, CEO and partner at Soulmates Ventures, saying that the world is facing challenges. like never before and within the Czech Republic, we must be able to produce and offer innovations that will help overcome these challenges. Otherwise, we will be overtaken by faster and more capable states.

Why CleverFarm

The results we bring are sometimes surprising for the company itself. Imagine a city in Sudan, Africa, near the Nile, at its last tributary. The idea will be hot and very dusty. The city is called Atbar, as is the tributary, and although its borders are determined by water, the city is simply in the desert. A year ago, everyone except the banks of the Nile and Atbar would value the land as sand. Today, they successfully grow sorghum and corn here. Just outside the city limits, officially still in the desert, satellites show expanding fields and regular green wheels delineate places where the irrigation system reaches.

A few months ago, they used water from wells that pumped irrigation twenty-one hours a day, simply to where they got. This required a huge amount of both water and scarce oil, and yet the whole effort provided a single harvest per year. These are exactly the areas that interest us.

Specifically in these areas, the company evaluated the state of vegetation and water using satellite images. She found places where there was too much fluid. She was able to adjust the irrigation plan and eventually placed sensors directly on the field to see the current data. The combination of sensors and satellite monitoring showed unnecessary irrigation in places where it was harmful.

After the changes, farmers saved half the water and oil. And yet their yields have almost doubled. Data processing is behind this. "We can work with them to the point where we recommend farmers, in what activities, to what extent or when he should implement outputs on the farm," says Vojtěch Malina, CEO of CleverFarm.

We can find data and analyze, classify and build added value for farmers to make the right decisions. We find out from the satellite images what is happening in the places described above. These are freely available thanks to the European Space Agency. Nevertheless, few people can see any relevant information in them. But at CleverFarm, we've developed software that can find the connection between what the crop should be like and what the satellite image actually sees. That is, for example, if it is not delayed, oversaturated with water or has any other problem.

Africa and Latin America

We are currently focusing on three areas - Europe , Africa and Latin America . In Africa and Latin America, we can change whether there is a harvest at all or not. Or how good it will be. Specifically, the Nile, historically considered the longest river in the world, by the way, is one of the smaller in terms of flow. He is not bottomless.

From our point of view, well-used land is of better quality and therefore more valuable.

Overall, CleverFarm is moving to a position where it guides farmers through the entire process, thus enabling comprehensive consulting, and in the future we envision complete, personalized and fully automated services for farmers.


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