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Columbia Hospital: Using security solution from Jablotron EU

The increasingly tense epidemic situation has posed many security and security challenges for the security system at hospitals. Realizing that healthcare security has become a top priority and urgent, many hospitals have decided to replace conventional security solutions with comprehensive, modern and comfortable systems. than.

Columbia International Hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a typical case when it comes to security and operational issues in Southeast Asia. Malaysia Market Strategic Partner M-GUARD – This hospital's security equipment distributor has chosen to trust Eurostellar and become our partner after completing and installing the Alarm System anti-theft JABLOTRON 100+ - Europe's leading security system today.

Columbia International Hospital with a large area, more than 200 rooms and a capacity of up to 1000 people.


  • Project: Columbia Hospital, Kualua Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Solution: Intrusion alarm, fire alarm, SOS alarm

  • Device: JA-106K, JA-154E, JA-151 ST-A, JA-150M, JA-160PC, JA-151TH,...

  • Partner: M-Guard (Silver Partner), Malaysia.

  • Supplier: Eurostellar - Exclusive Representative of Jablotron


Not only providing emergency alarm devices, Jablotron 100 also integrates the most intelligent and optimal solutions to ensure absolute security and efficiency in managing and controlling access. crowd of people in the current epidemic situation.

Detect, warn and prevent fire and explosion incidents with modern sensors

Sensor devices are equipped both in important areas and in low-traffic areas, to ensure timely detection and prevention of incidents such as fire, explosion, gas leak, flooding. … In addition, the security system of Jablotron 100 provides intelligent and easy-to-use control via keyboard, magnetic card, remote, smartphone or automatic mode setting.​

Security sensor system and anti-intrusion

Protect the large outdoor campus with electronic fences or infrared sensors even after working hours or at night. The inner campus, at the entrances and function rooms, is also equipped with door sensors and motion sensors. When detecting cases of break-in, broken glass, theft or unauthorized access, especially in the area of ​​drug rooms, supplies rooms, expensive medical equipment and important documents, the system will automatically send phone calls, messages or location software and the exact problem is happening. Security easily recognizes incidents and locations right on the electronic map.

Emergency push button for optimal patient support

Optimal and quick solution for patients when they want to call nurses and doctors when experiencing urgent problems such as falls, needing assistance, in order to minimize emergency time. Buttons are installed throughout the area, from the hospital room to the toilet, the rest room, the customer care counter of the staff, .. to ensure the fastest and most convenient for users.

Temperature sensors for ventilation systems and rooms containing patient and test samples

The sample room is an important space in a hospital system because it stores both patient information and other important documents for research and development purposes of the hospital. In order to store the information and test samples in the best condition, the system will install temperature sensors in the room and ventilation area to detect and warn in time if there is a sudden change in temperature. , affecting the quality of the samples.

We have completed the solution and handed it over to the Agent, contributing to ensuring the safety, security and smooth operation of the Hospital. Not only operating in Vietnam market, Eurostellar – Jablotron also constantly expands to other countries. To cooperate with us, please contact:


Hotline: +84 902 401 488


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