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Dutch Police selects bodycams from ZEPCAM to support police officers on the street

The Dutch police have selected ZEPCAM, a Dutch pioneer in the field of mobile video solutions for frontline professionals, as the supplier of bodycam systems for police officers.

The contract has been awarded as the result of a public European tender. As part of this, ZEPCAM supplies over 2,000 T2 + bodycams to all units in the Netherlands. The company also provides user training for its bodycams and applications.

Less aggression

Research shows that the use of bodycams is a valuable addition to police work. Bodycams can have a significant de-escalating effect on the street, for example. Officers wearing a bodycam during a trial were less likely to experience threats and physical aggression. Police officers themselves look positively at the use of bodycams: according to research, 85% of the officers indicated that they felt safer and 73% felt supported in their work due to the bodycam.

“This supplier scores the highest on all points: the user test, the price, the service and, the implementation plans,” says Frans van Vliet, bodycams project manager. “The reviews show that the T2+ Bodycam from ZEPCAM is a user-friendly, robust device that is simple to operate.”

Effective cooperation

“ZEPCAM has more than ten years of experience with the use of bodycams by frontline professionals,” says Bart van der Aa, co-founder of Zepcam. “Our systems have been used for years by police forces in other countries and by local law enforcement officers ‘Boas’ in the Netherlands. We are proud to support the Dutch National Police. We are looking forward to effective cooperation and expect that the use of our bodycams will make the work of police officers safer, more pleasant, and even more effective. ”


ZEPCAM is the European leader and pioneer in the field of mobile video solutions. ZEPCAM’s body-worn cameras are an ‘extra eye’ for frontline professionals that register what actually happens for support and evidence. ZEPCAM makes the work of frontline professionals such as the police, fire brigade and special investigating officers (‘Boas’) safer and more effective. ZEPCAM’s solutions thereby contribute to the safety of and trust in society. ZEPCAM was founded in 2004. From its head office in Zaltbommel, the company supports more than 400 organisations in more than 40 countries.


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