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French National Parliament passes new law: all fire departments can now implement bodycam solutions

November 16th starts a growth phase for bodycam systems across France, as a new French law was approved by the Assemblée Nationale. After years of successful pilots in a limited number of regions, bodycams solutions are now available nationwide for all fire departments to implement.

As a result of increasing attacks on French Sapeurs–Pompiers, firefighter departments in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Avignon and others started using ZEPCAM bodycam systems in 2019 and 2020. The French government has now evaluated all these programs and has signed a law to allow them in all French national territories, including overseas.

New French law: Better Protection for Civil Security Actors

Chapter 5, Better Protection for Civil Security Actors, states that every fire and rescue department in France now has the right and opportunity to implement bodycam solutions. The law provides the legal basis for a national roll-out, which will allow the 246,900 French firefighters, organised in nearly 100 regional departments, to be better protected during their duties on the frontline. It furthermore generalises the use of bodycams and is less restrictive in terms of usage than during the initial pilot phase.

The reason for the bill is the sheer number of incidents and attacks against French firefighters in recent years. Thousands of incidents are recorded each year as frontline escalations lead to violence against French firefighters. The National Federation of Firefighters of France (FNSPF) welcomes the decision by the National assembly and states that:

“These measures will allow…civilians and soldiers alike to be better protected and better prevent this phenomenon, the decline of which must continue and increase”- The National Federation of Firefighters of France

ZEPCAM and TPL Systèmes proudly serve another French Firefighter Department

ZEPCAM and our French partner TPL Systèmes have proudly collaborated with various fire departments across France and will continue to deliver best-in-class bodycam solutions. To date we have provided bodycam solutions to nine French fire departments and have now delivered bodycam systems to the tenth: the fire department of Haut-Rhin.

During October’s 127th Firemen National Congress in France, ZEPCAM’s CEO, alongside TPL Systèmes, presented our bodycam solutions to firefighters from all over France with great success. As a result a tenth region joins their colleagues in implementing a ZEPCAM bodycam solution: Haut-Rhin. As of November 18th the bodycams have officially been handed over and are now being used. Both ZEPCAM and TPL Systèmes continue the work to provide bodycam systems that will help French Sapeurs–Pompiers to serve safely and securely.

Our mission to provide better and safer working conditions for frontline professionals is now accelerating with new departments added in 2021 and further serious interest shown from a wide range of regions in France. ZEPCAM’s mission has now been confirmed by the French government which sees the value bodycams have in terms of preventing and de-escalating incidents, as well as providing clear objective evidence that holds up in courts.

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