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Application of European technology for smart parking, integrated automatic toll collection station without operator.

Why we should have Auto-parking system?

More than just a technology advance or great outlook of the building, smart parking systems have many great benefits that you don't expect. First of all, it helps to keep your car park efficient, smooth and safe, helping to avoid losses, human errors or unnecessary incidents. Reduce congestion, simplify access control process.

Second, this solution helps you save human resources, instead of having to have 2-3 guards for a parking lot, now you can completely not use people to operate, in addition, privacy and Simplicity is also a big plus, especially in high-class villas or isolated areas.

The professional, high-end system helps you improve your professionalism, image and is a bright competitive advantage for your project or apartment project.

Therefore, investing in a smart parking system is a wise decision.

Autogard Parking & Entrance

Autogard is an industrial equipment manufacturer from Brno City, Czech Republic, Europe with more than 25 years in the field of smart parking control and management and thousands of successful projects globally. AUTOGARD has obtained ISO 9001 quality certification since 2009. Prestigious TUV certification, warranty up to 24 months and made in Europe, the market is extremely demanding in terms of quality and efficiency.

Modern design, application of advanced technology, high technical content, durable and reliable performance in the harshest weather conditions are the important factors that make AUTOGARD products trusted. and popular in many countries around the world.

What inside an Autogard Parking System?

Automatic barrier system, access control, with sizes from 1.2m (For motorbikes) to 9m for large entrances such as industrial parks, asphalt roads. Barrier is painted with high-grade reflective paint, uses Europe's leading swingarm and engine with continuous working frequency and high rotation speed of 1.2s/time, efficiency up to 600 vehicles/hour.

Entrance module is an intelligent device that includes a control screen, two-way audio intercom, which helps to receive and classify vehicles/passengers. Module with high working frequency, helps to issue cards, grant access when vehicles enter the station, count vehicle traffic and adjust barrier operating modes according to demand and schedule automatically.

Exit module is an automatic control device usually placed near the exit barrier to help users collect cards automatically, identify vehicles leaving the parking lot, receive signals from toll booths and manage the operation of the entrance barrier out.

Automatic toll booths For fully automatic parking lots, toll booths are an indispensable part, helping you to pay quickly from afar before leaving the parking lot, thereby reducing stopping time and increasing speed. and reduce parking congestion. Increase convenience for customers. The toll station supports a variety of currencies, banknotes and coins for credit or monthly cards, and integrates INTERCOMS and control screens to help customers when needed.

The Central Control System s the central server that stores and operates the entire parking management solution, as well as a place to interact with users, retrieve reports and related data.


Regular Visitors, Apartment Citizen: Vehicle registration with the system/Management board including license plate, style, color and ANPR camera automatically recognize number plate, vehicle type, open barrier and let the car pass. The system automatically records the entry and time of the vehicle.

Walk-in clients: Guests follow the instructions, press the button to get the card, IP Camera ANPR will automatically record, take a picture of the license plate and the front corner of the car, automatically assigned to the ticket / card.

The barier automatically opens, allowing the vehicle to pass, and automatically folds down when the vehicle has crossed the lane.

Card/ticket includes: RFID card or Bar Code 2D ticket, including information about vehicle, parking lot, fee schedule and other information.

Authorized person: management, security, specialized vehicles or units are regulated and set the time to go in and out periodically. Avoid unauthorized access or improper access and integrate time and attendance management.