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Out with the “smart” homes, in with the “think-free” homes. Sounds silly, but we’re introducing what the future of homes looks like when we stop thinking about them. And the solution is here today: automation. Let’s break the first barrier and uncover a real understanding of home automation, beyond the apps and voice control.

First, let’s settle what automation is not

It’s not our fault to believe that when a light turns on, or a thermostat adjusts to a temperature, by making this happen in an app, or by voice control, means that it is automated. Products are often connected to smartphones and the cloud, but this shouldn’t be the only way. It’s merely an overload of manual control that gets in the way of the job to be done by technology.

Realizing your own home automation evolution

Automation is what happens when technology blends into the background. Let’s simplify the concept so you gain an understanding of how a home can become controlled by technology to think for itself – based on reliable standards, no code required.

A step farther than app and voice control, truly automated functions will work based on factors of presence, temperature and environment, customized settings such as schedules and more. Cloud-free and secure. This is the future, happening now.

When you look at these levels of home evolution below, we want you to think about: What are your current offerings? What is the next step? What will it take to get there?

Level 0: Traditional Home

The conventional electrical installation and basic technology. Too much wasted energy and money. Not to mention, every time you leave the room or the house, thinking about what lights, music and more that you need to shut off.

  • Traditional lighting

  • Basic heating/cooling

  • Disconnected device

Smart Home 1.0: Control Systems

Now everything is connected to work together – requiring complicated layers of control. At this level, many believe automation is already achieved – this is not yet the case.

  • AV & control systems

  • Complicated remotes

  • Labeled switches

Smart Home 2.0: Smart Devices

An abundance of smart devices connect to the internet and work independently with one purpose. This often results in overuse of apps/voice control. Is it really smart to talk to the walls and live through your phone? Technology overload!

  • Smart lights

  • Smart thermostats

  • An app for every device

Future of Home Automation

A Loxone smart home thinks for itself so you don’t have to. Devices communicate and work on their own, according to specific standards and settings.

  • Fewer switches, simplified control

  • Zoned HVAC, multiroom audio (more than music)

  • Wellness-driven lighting

  • Energy-saving controls

  • All systems in one app

Loxone’s solutions for the future of homes

Even if you don’t recognize these products, you can see how automation is growing year after year in our ever-evolving product line. Each of these products plays a role in the interaction between solutions for lighting and security, shading and heating or even access control. All customized and monitored in one Loxone App-there if you need it, but not required.

Learn how to start offering technology for smarter living that does more than just switches and apps in our Loxone Launchpad Course.

I don’t have time to spend on a three-day training course and invest in a completely new system.” - Every dealer BEFORE Loxone.

In the extra time I was able to save from programming, I was able to quote more projects to customers and profit from more solutions and offerings all in one shot.”- Every dealer AFTER Loxone.


Eurostellar | Representative of Loxone in Vietnam.

Showroom: 449/63 Truong Chinh Street,

Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Hotline: +84 902 401 488


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