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A safe game operation of the professional sports leagues in the Corona crisis can only be realized with suitable concepts. The MODI Modular Digits GmbH helps hygiene controls with digital solutions on AI basis.

Contactless and safe to the stadium with the MODI Health Station.

The principle of biometric face recognition or biometric access controls will continue to prevail; MODI is certain of that. Because, according to the company, "this principle represents the most secure type of personal identification and has the advantage of fast, secure and reliable admission control".

Now professional sports could also benefit from the digital solutions. The products from MODI offer the best support. Before going to the stadium, fans can conveniently pre-register on their PC or smartphone. By entering the contact details including the ticket ID, all important information is sent to MODI or the organizer in advance.

The company explains the advantages: “The additional transmission of a facial image can optionally initiate a biometric comparison of the person. This allows employees, VIPs, season ticket holders, day ticket holders and potential threats to be identified in order to initiate appropriate measures. ”It continues:“ All MODI products are manufactured here in Germany and are therefore subject to high quality standards.

You can find this and many other articles in issue 3/2020 of our specialist magazine Stadionwelt INSIDE. Click here to go directly to the eBook.

Hardware and software development takes place in-house. Speed ​​without loss of quality is therefore guaranteed. Innovative plant construction combined with the latest software developments represents one of the core competencies of MODI. As a specialist in camera technology, hygiene concepts and data processing, we offer technologically mature products and solutions. "

When entering the stadium, the MODI HEALTH STATION starts the hygiene and identification check automatically as soon as the visitor stands in front of it. Existing access solutions can be combined with the MODI infrastructure, all common interfaces are supported.

If desired, an identity check can take place. The comparison with a personal admission ticket is also possible. The statistical evaluation of the frequency of visits can be called up at any time with the MODI software. Additional interfaces can be used to evaluate visitor behavior.

The system uses artificial intelligence to check for all permitted mouth and nose protection variants. The masking of the nose is a variable that the system pays special attention to. A contactless forehead temperature measurement also provides information about the health of the visitor. Intelligent algorithms help to reduce incorrect measurements. The system only activates contactless hand disinfection after a successful measurement. The number of spray processes and the amount of disinfectant to be used can be set individually. A sensor monitors the process. Access is only granted once the disinfection has been carried out.

By registering in advance, all relevant contact details are available. In addition, the system can record all measured values, save the access times and - if desired - a daily updated photo. "According to German law, this data is stored in a more secure MODI cloud," explains CEO Dieter Klawunder. "All processes can be filtered and output via a web interface." If all measurements have been completed successfully, the system opens the connected access system quickly and fully automatically. The system automatically restarts the process for the next visitor. (Stadionwelt, October 2nd, 2020) The system automatically restarts the process for the next visitor. (Stadionwelt, October 2nd, 2020) The system automatically restarts the process for the next visitor. (Stadionwelt, October 2nd, 2020)


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