It’s almost New Year Holiday, so we’re uncovering four simple ways to save on costs not just while everyone’s around the table, but around the whole home. You’ll need these energy saving tips to make up for the 14% increase on your meal this year. The Farm Bureau reports on higher grocery prices, but what about the price of residential electricity?

It is expected to keep increasing by 1.3% within the upcoming year’s forecast in the United States from Statista. To give you a head start on simple ways to save, we’re sharing four tips to help control wasted energy consumption and features to save on electricity bills with smart technology.

Switch off all stand-by devices – save on your electricity bill without thinking about it

It is no secret that devices in stand-by mode consume little power, and for convenience, many leave them like that. Although they are only small power guzzlers, they shouldn’t be forgotten about. If we count the total at the end of the year, we will have a nasty surprise. This is why their power saving potential should not be underestimated.

How to save on electricity bills with this feature

With our Relay Extension, standard outlets can be intelligently controlled to disconnect power when not in use. It’s a true powerhouse that will switch the heaviest loads with ease.

Save on electricity bills by creating air flow with open windows

Instead of always leaving windows shut, it is better to open them every few hours for a few minutes, when you can take advantage of the weather and temperature outside. Especially if windows are opposite of each other, this can create more air flow.

After opening the windows, you should make sure, of course, that heating/cooling is turned off. Even after you’ve closed the windows again, you will be fine to leave the heat off for a short time. This is because you can take advantage of some heat that is actually stored in the walls, helping you save a little more on costs.

How to implement this with Loxone?

By implementing automation controls to the HVAC system, the HVAC system adjusts itself according to schedules and presence detection by sensors. With an automated ventilation system, consumption will remain optimal, which will help save on electricity bill.

Example: if the temperature can be lowered by ventilation, the HVAC system won’t be activated. If you want the room to automatically regulate heating/cooling once a window is opened or closed, it can be set to your liking.

In communication with the Door & Window Contact Air or the Window Handle Air, your home will notify you if a window is left open via the Loxone Smart Home App.

Use LED lighting fixtures

LEDs are significantly more durable and energy efficient, as they can save you up to 80% on electricity. By replacing traditional bulbs with LED ones and integrating lighting features with Loxone technology, you can obtain a much more efficient result.

How to implement this with Loxone?

We recommend using our specially developed LED lighting, from modern RGBW and WW spots to stylish pendant luminaires. All with paired control elements. You’ll find all the products you need for an intelligent and energy-saving lighting solution.

Lowering the room temperature by 1° helps to save on bill

Studies suggest that lowering the room temperature by 1° can save up to 10% on heating costs.

How to implement this with Loxone?

Intelligent heating control means more than just making sure that your room is always set to the optimal temperature. It also does this with the highest level possible of energy efficiency.

Even further, the system will know to lower itself when you’re not home. Then, when you return, your home will welcome you with your comfortable temperature again. All you have to do is set what times you are home or away. Your home takes care of the rest, and you save on electricity.

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