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Innovation Explosion 1: Controlled Enthalpy Exchanger

The idea to create our own ventilation unit was born almost ten years ago. Our main goal then was to provide not only heat but also moisture recovery as a standard function of a ventilation unit. That meant we needed unit with an enthalpy exchanger.

We knew that moisture recovery was a sought-after feature in HVAC. More and more customers started realizing the compromised comfort caused by dry air from conventional ventilation units.

And since we take innovation seriously, we went one step further: We created ventilation unit with controlled enthalpy exchanger. The process of moisture recovery in our Futura unit is controlled, which means the level of recovered moisture can be adjusted by user to provide an adequate level of indoor humidity.

Jablotron Futura ensures optimum indoor humidity in winter

Jablotron’s controlled enthalpy exchanger:

  1. is not made of membrane, therefore its properties do not degrade over time

  2. recovers moisture only when needed (in winter, not in summer)

  3. guarantees 100% sanitary solution

Other enthalpy exchangers (membrane or rotary/thermal wheel-based) are not able to control or adjust moisture recovery. Manufacturers using membrane enthalpy exchangers therefore recommend users switch between two types of heat exchangers – enthalpy for winter and conventional sensible for summer.

Even the most ardent opponents of moisture recovery are coming up with enthalpy units or various ways of humidification these days. However, Jablotron’s approach has revolved around creating comfort without compromise since the very beginning.

Unique patented technology

The heart of our controlled enthalpy exchanger lies in a Dutch patent that enables water molecules to be retained in a nano layer and then evaporated back indoors; a technology similar to rotary wheel, only with higher efficiency and less leakage. Jablotron is the world’s first (and only) manufacturer that found a way to utilize this patent for their HVAC solutions.

Are you an avid fan of technology that wants to find out more? Are you still not sure about Futura’s functionality? Check out this video from our lab about our automated output testing (video in Czech):

Meet the future of comfortable living. Meet Futura.

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