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Investing in the air, Jablotron expand their product in the ventilation technology

In 2017, The Czech technological company Jablotron of the entrepreneur Dalibor Dědek is known primarily for the production of security systems. Now it has embarked on a whole new segment of home technology. After two years of secret development, the company introduced a ventilation unit for passive houses.

Dalibor Dědek, co-owner of the Jablotron holding (September 29, 2015). | photo: Ota Bartovský, MAFRA

The company has invested a total of 60 million crowns in the development of a unit called Futura. It was secretly created in the Living Technology laboratory in Holešov.

According to the director of Jablotron Living Technology Roman Šalamoun, Futura will cost 79,999 crowns. It should come to the Czech and Slovak markets this year, and to other European countries next year. "There is a lot of interest in our facility in Germany," said Solomon.

The Jablotron technology company, founded by Dědek in 1990, has gradually developed into today's holding company with more than twenty companies. It is best known for the production of security systems or telephones for the elderly. The recuperation unit is trying to break into a new segment of technology for homes, other products should follow. "Under the Jablotron brand, we want products that form the infrastructure of the house," said Dědek.

Energy savings in households are perceived as a promising sector, but according to Petr Holub, director of the Chance for Buildings Alliance, ventilation technologies have often been forgotten in the past when insulating and replacing windows.

“Houses with tight windows lose their natural air exchange. To avoid suffocation in your own exhaled air, it should be ventilated every two hours. But no one does. It is best to buy a central unit for controlled ventilation, which also has waste heat recovery, "said Holub earlier for

Recently, recuperation has become the focus of attention, and it is now possible to obtain a subsidy from the New Green Savings program for its acquisition. According to Dědek, however, the investment will return without support thanks to the savings.

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