Jablotron has opened its own logistics center

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In 2007, The largest Czech manufacturer of security technology Jablotron continued to grow and opened a new logistics center in the industrial zone in Jablonec nad Nisou - Rýnovice. It uses a warehouse management system or high racks. The total construction costs were around 94 million crowns.

Jablotron consists of 20 companies, the largest being Jablotron Alarms. A new hall was built just for her, because the leased premises in the Liberec industrial zone no longer met her needs.

"After many years of renting, we have finally moved into our own. I am glad that we managed to build a modern logistics center in record time, thanks to which we can offer our customers even better services, "said David Beneš, CEO of Jablotron Alarms.

The new hall uses a warehouse management system, which enables the automation of storage processes from ordering goods to dispatch. In addition to speeding up and streamlining the delivery of goods, this system reduces costs, increases work efficiency and the use of storage capacity.

The preparation of the documentation began in February 2014. The main construction lasted less than 10 months, and the relocation itself took place within one week. The logistics center has been operating in test operation since July this year, and live operation was launched in December.

The hall is located next to the newly built connection between Jablonec and Liberec, so the trucks can get to the motorway faster and do not have to drive through Jablonec.

Our Vietnamese Team visited Jablotron Logistic Center in 2019.

In the warehouse, approximately 250 individual packages and 15 pallets are packed for shipment per day. In a month it is about 7900 shipments with a total weight of 73 tons. The full capacity of the warehouse will be 6,000 pallets, now there are about 4,000 available. The floors meet strict standards for surface evenness, because the stackers handle goods up to a height of 11 meters. The net storage area is 3600 square meters, the administrative part occupies 900 square meters.


Due to the necessary safety measures, 460 cubic meters of water for fire-fighting using sprinklers are stably prepared in the hall tank. The structurally separate part for storing lithium batteries is extinguished with an aerosol.

Author: Radek Novotný, redaktor týdeníku Ekonom.cz

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