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Jablotron is Bringing an Innovation Explosion for Comfortable Living

In 2017, we started offering a newly developed Futura ventilation unit under the Jablotron brand. At that time, Futura already had a five-year long history of intense work of Czech developers and a year-long history of operation in dozens of households within the validation program.

Today, Futura ventilation unit is an established brand among other market players. It brings a unique combination of features and functions to the HVAC market. However, its innovative potential does not stop here: Jablotron Living Technology expands its product portfolio creating a complete solution for anyone, who wants to equip their house with a cutting-edge technology of the 21st century – Jablotron System 21.

We have created series, in which we will introduce “the innovation explosion” presenting all features that make our products stand out.

Before we dive into the innovations, let’s start with basics and answer the general question: Why do I need a ventilation unit in my house at all?

Reason #1:

Present houses are perfectly airtight. They let almost no air permeate through their construction – walls and closed windows. This impermeability poses a significant difference between past and present buildings. Older houses were ventilated not only when the windows were open. They also had a degree of air exchange that occurred through natural permeability of construction materials or various leaks, even when windows were closed.

Ventilation via windows only is not sufficient in modern buildings. If I have a new, insulated house, I will have to open windows way more frequently than in an older house. However, there are times, when opening a window is not convenient because of cold, rain, wind, draft or noise. Moreover, when I shut outdoor blinds, ventilation through windows becomes much less effective.

I can open windows whenever I like. However, when ventilation through windows is inconvenient, I do not have to think about opening them at all. The ventilation unit increases my comfort.

Reason #2: I want a continuous supply of fresh air

Controlled ventilation ensures exchange of air in the house for fresh outdoor air. The entire volume of indoor air is replaced every two to three hours. Ventilation unit filters dust particles from supplied fresh air. The waste air containing higher concentration of carbon dioxide, airborne viruses or bacteria is extracted from the house, providing for a healthy environment during flu and cold seasons.

I do not need an air purifier. The ventilation unit ensures a healthy indoor air quality.

Reason #3: I want to preserve the value of my property in time

In a few years, all new houses will be equipped with controlled ventilation with heat recovery. In case I decide to sell my property, it will sell for a lower price than comparable properties with ventilation.

Ventilation with heat recovery ensures that my property retains its value and does not become technologically obsolete.

Reason #4:

I want thermal comfort all year round. I want my house to be warm during winter and also cool during summer.

The heat recovery unit can be supplemented with an air-to-air cooling module. Cold air is distributed via air ducts to the entire house. Its cooling effect feels very gentle and allows for a continuous operation. It keeps indoor air cool while being barely noticeable.

The heat recovery unit with cooling module keeps my house pleasantly cool during summer heat even without bouts of cold air from air conditioning.

Reason #5: I want to control humidity levels in my house and eliminate molds

Insufficient ventilation in airtight houses leads to accumulation of moisture and risk of mold infestation in critical places – it is typically bathrooms, basements and cellars that are affected. However, leaving windows open on micro ventilation gap makes frames susceptible to mold growth as well.

Though being a result of improved heat-efficiency of modern airtight homes, mold in households is rarely discussed. After all, who would like to admit to fighting molds in their home? The research shows though, that about 75 % of households have dealt with mold outbreak at some point in time.

Ventilation unit reduces the risk of problems related to excess moisture and subsequent mold outbreaks.

Reason #6: I want a ventilation system with high efficiency

Besides the centralized ventilation units with air duct system, the market offers decentralized ventilation systems that consist of a set of fans built into walls. Decentralized ventilation can be described as a last-resort solution in older houses that are in need of a ventilation retrofit. They take up less space, but have a significantly lower efficiency. I

t is necessary to keep in mind that efficiency of different ventilation units can only be compared at the same air flow rate, as the “leaflet” values of various units boasting 95 % efficiency are often measured at the most favorable air flow rate.

I want a robust solution with adequate operational parameters – that is why I prefer centralized ventilation unit with an air duct system installed throughout the entire house.

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