Loxone Case study: Sports field in Kollerschlag

As an integral part of the 1st class north, the Sport union Kollerschlag has already made a name for itself in football. The club is also following suit when it comes to building automation and has completely modernized the sports field. The old sports field building was really upgraded by Loxone. The Miniserver not only regulates the music on the site, but also irrigation, heating and hot water.

What was implemented in the Brightly Arena?

Music control audio server , remote air The music control was taken over by Loxone in the home cabin and on the sports facility. In the home cabin, the music serves as additional motivation. With a simple long-term click on the button, any chosen song is played at 100% volume and provides the last motivational kick before the run-in. Before and after the game, spectators listen to a Spotify playlist on the sports complex. But that's not all, because a button click on the Remote Air starts a collection of sponsor announcements. When finished, the Spotify playlist continues. When the teams arrive and the line-up is announced, a song sounds in the background. If a goal is scored for the home team, the court announcer activates the goal anthem with a click of a button on the Remote Air, which brings praise to the players.

Fact check

Country: Austria

Location: Brightly Arena in Kollerschlag

Club members: 700 (active and passive)

Loxone partner: DYXHOME

Control: 1x mini server

Irrigation ultrasonic sensor

The surface of soccer fields consists mainly of natural or rolled turf. This lawn needs to be well cared for and watered to stay beautiful and durable. Sports fields with uneven watering have soft and hard areas that do not provide support and are therefore more likely to lead to injuries. Every football field has specific requirements for the watering of the system and differs in water consumption, water distribution and time of watering.

As with all automation projects, Loxone demonstrates flexibility and a high degree of adaptability and so there are different modes in the case of irrigation on the sports field in Kollerschlag.

  • Training area = only the training area is watered

  • Main field = only the main field is watered

  • Total = first the main field is watered, then the training field

  • Championship / training = briefly moisten the lawn before the game / training in order to minimize the risk of injury and to encourage fun

In addition to all these functions, the water level is also monitored regularly. Loxone succeeds in saving resources in terms of time, personnel, money and water by adequately watering a football pitch. You can find an example configuration in our application examples under “Automatic watering of football pitches” .

Heating and hot water 1-wire extension , 1-wire temperature sensor , relay extension In addition to music and watering, Loxone also regulates the heating and hot water at the sports field in Kollerschlag. The club is committed to the well-being of the athletes and so the heating is also regulated to a comfortable temperature when a game is pending and it is too cold in the rooms of the old building. On the match day or on the day of a training session, the hot water preparation is activated in good time to guarantee warm showering pleasure. Regardless of whether they win or lose, the players definitely deserve it.

The games of the fighting team are set by the operating time / calendar. This means that the miniserver automatically knows when the hot water and heating should be active. During training, the mode is activated manually using a button.

This is what customers and partners say about the project

In addition to the organizational effort that a game of the fighting team entails, it was especially important for us to free those responsible from activities such as heating up the team cabin in good time or making announcements from the sponsors. We succeeded with Loxone!

Sebastian Lorenz


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