Loxone in business: Jura coffee machines

The showroom in Vysočany, Prague presents one of the most famous coffee machines - Jura. They are known primarily for their ease of use, innovations in the technologies used, high quality and the perfect taste of the prepared coffee. Loxone controls a range of technologies in the building from lighting and security to audio and air conditioning.

What has been implemented?

Loxone Partner Michal Kubíček, owner of Fidotech, sro, is known for his many years of experience and the implementation of interesting projects. The following functions were automated by Loxone in the office, sales and service areas of the JURA showroom:

  • Complete control of lighting, media and storage shelves, workstations, etc. using DALI technology

  • Customizable light scenes according to the operation of the company (store open/closed, staff presence only, lighting modes of the goods on display, etc.)

  • automatic lighting switching according to user-defined times

  • Automatic switching off of the lighting when employees leave

  • Control of busy routes by presence sensors according to movement and ambient light

  • Touch Pure buttons were used for light scenes, sunroof control and temperature measurement

  • User control of electric sliding doors for visitor admission

  • Opening of electrically lockable doors after authorization

  • Integration of Intercom into the Loxone App

  • Connection to the electronic access system of the building to monitor the current state and ensure the disconnection and shutdown of unused devices, sockets, ventilation

  • sunroof control

  • Temperature and humidity measurement

  • Lighting intensity control based on the brightness of the room

Personalization of the workplace

One amazing feature that has been implemented in office spaces is workspace personalization. Thanks to the IP exchange with which the system can communicate, it can register the employee's arrival at his or her workplace by clocking in using a chip reader. As soon as the employee arrives at his workplace, the light goes on. When you leave, the light goes out again after a while. The result is significant energy savings in currently unoccupied areas and unnecessary lighting in these individual work areas is eliminated.


When visiting the showroom, visitors and coffee lovers can expect an attractive presentation of coffee machines combined with a tasting of perfectly prepared coffee. An interestingly implemented function was the connection of lighting with the presentation of individual coffee machines. During the presentation and preparation of coffee, the themed lighting takes the overall tasting to a new level.

Connection with electronic access system

Unauthorized entry into the building will trigger a loud alarm that will turn on lights throughout the building. As a result, the picture from the security cameras is much better and it is easier to see what is happening in the building and react immediately.

Sometimes, however, when leaving a room or building, employees forget to turn off the lights, close the windows or doors, turn off the heating, etc. Thanks to automatically controlled security access, the last employee to exit does not have to worry about switching off all functions. Upon exiting, the alarm will be activated and everything will go into sleep mode. Music, lights, etc. are switched off.

The main reason why we chose Loxone was that we wanted to eliminate the human factor in controlling the technology. Energy savings are also a major benefit. There are many systems on the market that enable intelligent automation. Our Loxone partner, who has been working with Loxone for several years, has implemented many successful projects. He provided us with a comprehensive solution that made it easier for us to master all technologies. Thanks to the automation, which is under the control of the user, the risky and at the same time burdensome factor "human" has been minimized as much as possible, and much greater variability of working with light for the presentation of our products has been achieved.

Peter Eibl - jednatel , Jura Czech

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