Loxone in business: The Cube

In Hesse, KSE Energietechnik GmbH is the leading photovoltaic specialist. Above all, the ecological idea of ​​saving energy can be perfectly combined with Loxone's intentions of "less CO2, more comfort". Therefore, the new KSE company headquarters was fully automated by Loxone and designed to be as energy-efficient as possible.

What has been implemented?


Smart Sockets Since 2020, the new company headquarters of KSE Energietechnik GmbH has combined many concepts and products from Loxone. Starting with the lighting, through to the shading and security, those responsible place their trust in Loxone. The main advantages that suggested the use of Loxone were above all the central controllability, the simple and user-friendly programming, the intuitive operation and the possible app or switch operation of the installed products. Clarity was of the utmost importance for the client, but energy efficiency should also be guaranteed. This is done, among other things, by using the Smart Sockets , the switchable sockets from Loxone.

Functions in the offices

weather station , NFC code touch The offices of the company building are named after the solar system and the planets. Access to the Venus office is controlled via the NFC code touch, so only authorized persons have access. The intelligent room control in the office ensures a balanced temperature and the automatic shading helps with the optimal setting of the blinds, which is based, for example, on the position of the sun or the current wind situation. Of course, the lighting control also runs automatically, for example, the lighting in the office is switched off centrally by the "Leave room" mode.

Multimedia and Lighting

Audioserver , LED Ceiling Light RGBW Tree , RGBW 24V Dimmer Tree The audio server from Loxone can be integrated almost invisibly and absolutely seamlessly into the intelligent building: as a loud alarm system, intelligent doorbell, for individual announcements in the office and much more. At 12:30 p.m., an additional impulse is given in the new KSE company headquarters, which initiates the start of the lunch break and the music mood is then changed. At 1 p.m., the Miniserver announces the end of the lunch break with another pulse. Office work is hard work - for the eyes. The right lighting is therefore all the more important and can promote the performance and motivation of the KSE employees to the right extent. With the RGBW 24V dimmer , the lighting in the building can be optimally controlled and thus ensures unique lighting moods. In the individual offices, in the hallway, in the tea kitchen through to the changing rooms, the lighting is switched on and off fully automatically only when required, thus supporting the desire for the most energy-efficient office building possible.


smoke detector , window handle air , door and window contact , alarm siren The security of the company headquarters is of great importance to those responsible. Thanks to the intelligent Loxone equipment, the office building can independently monitor whether someone has gained unauthorized access and raise the alarm in an emergency. The elevator is also equipped with a door intercom system with camera integration, and various zones in the offices can be activated at any time using the Loxone alarm system. The battery-operated Air window handle uses a vibration sensor to detect whether someone is trying to force their way into the house and informs those responsible immediately via the app. The fire and water alarm center also provides information immediately to prevent major damage to the building. This is what customers and partners say about the project

There are several highlights that our company is looking at in terms of Loxone functionality. In addition to attributes such as convenient, energy-efficient, secure and centrally operated, the implemented sector coupling is also convincing. Compared to other manufacturers, the app connection and user-friendliness was a huge advantage.

KSE Energietechnik GmbH

Impressions of the KSE company headquarter

Touch Tree at the KSE headquarters
Touch Tree at the KSE headquarters

Storage rooms in the KSE company headquarters

The KSE headquarters equipped by Loxone

Loxone lighting at the KSE headquarters
Loxone lighting at the KSE headquarters

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