In summer, if you have a garden, that's where you like to spend the most time. A garden promotes our physical and mental health, which is why many people create a little paradise there to escape from everyday life. Here are our main Loxone outdoor features.


The "Irrigation" software module is able to integrate meteorological data such as precipitation and weather forecasts, and thus enables needs-based irrigation. If water pipes lead to pop-up sprinklers in the garden, the valves of the pipes are also opened one after the other and not simultaneously, in order to avoid too low water pressure.

Tailor-made lighting

To perfectly set the scene in the garden, effect lighting can be easily realized with the help of the mini server. We first define the time when the lighting should be active, for example between dusk and 2 am with a brightness of 20%. The "Twilight impulse" input activates the "Mood light" mood that we have defined ourselves in the garden. The mini-server itself calculates when it is dark using geographic coordinates. The "Pulse um" function block switches off the lighting at 02:00 a.m.

Control of blinds

But so that summer in the garden or on the balcony does not turn into a sunburn season, we supplement the outdoor area with the necessary sun protection. For example, we can use the recessed Nano IO Air actuator to control the blind motor and at the same time connect a button in front of it.

Pool control

For a simple and efficient integration of a swimming pool controller, we have developed the AquaStar Air in collaboration with Peraqua. It is a modern 6-way backwash valve which, in combination with the Miniserver and an Air Base extension or the Miniserver Go, provides fully automatic and intelligent pool control. In addition, the Aquastar Air has numerous interfaces for controlling lighting or swimming pool cover, integrating pressure sensors for filling level measurement and automatic filling, connecting temperature sensors via 1- Wire in order to heat or cool at any time to the desired temperature and much more.


We implement the right sound for relaxing hours in the garden or a small party with the Loxone audio server and, in the protected outdoor area, our In-Ceiling 7 Speaker on the terrace. Here we just work with different audio groups via the “Audio Player Gruppe fix” configuration block. This module is designed for all non-acoustically separated areas in which the same audio signal must be broadcast. Like for example on the terrace. You not only get perfect sound, but you also hear all Text to Speech message warnings or the doorbell through the speakers and thus never miss any important messages.

Are you ready to switch to the smart garden?



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