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Loxone Smart Building: Jenny Science AG

The international family company of Jenny Science AG, which specializes in the manufacture of linear motor axes and motor controls, is making a clear statement for quality and innovation with its impressive new building. In line with this, our Loxone partner Autix AG has implemented an intelligent building control system.

What has been implemented?

Building technology & visualization

In the new Jenny Science building, a total of 4 mini servers work together in the client / gateway network.

Thanks to the numerous interfaces, the entire building technology of the new building could be integrated into the Loxone building automation and visualized centrally. The number of data points to be processed shows how extensive this is: Regardless of whether it is BACnet integration, DALI participants or digital input - a total of over 1,000 data points are managed by the mini-servers.

»In terms of performance, two mini-servers would have been sufficient. But we love clearly structured solutions and so we decided to equip each of the four floors with its own mini server. A big advantage here is that the project can easily continue to grow. «

- Björn Suppiger, Management, Autix AG

Fact check

Country: Switzerland

Location: Jenny Science AG, Rain / Lucerne

Loxone partner: Autix AG

Area: 4,000m²

Employees: 50 Control:


Logging mini server

All relevant data, such as access, messages and alarms, are saved on a company's syslog server. The data transfer takes place simply via the UDP interface of the miniserver.


NFC Code Touch, Intercom Gen. 1

A daycare center, a restaurant with kitchen and cold room, research and development offices, specially protected production areas ... On the approximately 4,000 square meters of Jenny Science there are various areas to which only certain employees should have access. Access to these areas is regulated by a total of 35 NFC Code Touch Tree.

"The central access management is really sensationally simple and can be solved ideally with Loxone."

- Björn Suppiger, management, Autix AG

The access to the underground car park of the new building is also controlled by Loxone. The sliding gate is released with NFC key fobs and then opened via a relay. The gate remains open during working hours after it has been released for the first time. The gate only closes again after work and then has to be released manually.


Room climate sensor tree

Heat pump with ceiling heating, ventilation, air conditioning - in the area of ​​HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), various individual devices are used in the Jenny Science building.

In order to automate these isolated solutions intelligently, they were integrated into the Loxone building control via BACnet.

In this way, the miniserver always ensures that employees enjoy an ideal room climate - and that as energy-efficiently as possible. For example, if the Tree room climate sensors detect a CO2 value that is too high, the volume flow of the ventilation system is automatically regulated upwards.

Music & multimedia

Audio servers, speakers, presence detectors

The background music in the in-house restaurant and the toilet facilities is presence-controlled and is taken over by the audio server. In the case of longer “meetings” on the toilet facilities, it informs the user that the light will be extinguished shortly.

And much more

In addition to the features mentioned, numerous other intelligent functions have been implemented in the new Jenny Science building. For example, twelve DALI extensions take care of the optimal illumination of the workplaces and visitors can register at a total of three Gen. 1 intercoms in the daycare center, the goods receiving department and the office.

This is what customers & partners say about the project

“Simple, flexible and contemporary building automation was of great importance to Jenny Science AG. Thanks to the open and flexible system from Loxone, the integration from the field to the management level could be implemented quickly and easily. Thanks to its scalable modularity, we can easily adapt the system to changes at any time.”

Bjorn Suppiger

Managing Director, Autix AG

“We made the right choice with Autix AG as the integrator of Loxone. We can adapt our access control, switch function, lighting and blind control to new conditions via software at any time without even having to move a wire. With this flexibility, we are ideally equipped for a successful future.”

Alois Jenny

Managing Director, Jenny Science AG


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