Loxone smart restaurant:McDonald's Hendschiken

McDonald's mission is to make delicious, feel-good moments easy for everyone. To support this "simplicity", the McDonald's branch in Hendschiken, Switzerland, was automated by Loxone. From lighting and shading to safety functions, the automation relieves the employees of the fast food restaurant of numerous manual tasks.

What has been implemented?


In the McDonald's branch in Hendschiken, the interior and exterior lighting is controlled by Loxone.

Inside, a simple logic using the "timer" module ensures that the light is always activated during opening hours. Outside the opening hours, motion detectors from a third-party manufacturer, which have been integrated into the Loxone building automation via DI Extension, detect whether there is still an employee in the restaurant and (de)activate the light accordingly. Unlike during opening hours, however, in a special "service" scene.

Thanks to the Loxone weather station and the brightness sensor integrated in it, the outdoor lighting is not only automatically activated and deactivated depending on the timer, but also depending on the brightness.


Whether there is shade or not depends, among other things, on whether the building is currently in heating or cooling mode. This information is read directly from the heating system, which was integrated into the building automation via Modbus TCP. This also provides all the necessary information regarding the current room temperature. For example, if the building is in cooling mode and it gets too warm inside, the shading is activated automatically. 

In order to protect the automatic shading from damage as best as possible, a storm protection system was implemented with the help of the weather station. If the wind speed exceeds a predefined value, the shading automatically moves to the safety position and is blocked. When the danger of a storm is over, the shading is released again.

Monitoring of the cold chain and the heating & ventilation system

The most important asset of the fast food restaurant is of course the food. The temperature in the cold rooms is therefore constantly monitored. If there are deviations, the relevant people are informed immediately via push notification. In addition, the cooling system is monitored for technical faults. This ensures that in the event of a defect, we can react quickly and limit the damage. The connection was made via the existing Modbus interface of the system.  

The heating and ventilation system makes an essential contribution to a pleasant indoor climate in the fast-food restaurant. This system is therefore also monitored for technical faults. It reports any faults via Modbus TCP to the mini server, which in turn sends a push notification to the responsible person. The event is logged with a time and date stamp using a tracker, so that the cold chain can be continuously monitored. 

Ambient Assisted Living

In the area of ​​the wheelchair-accessible toilet, it was also possible to integrate the emergency button from a third-party supplier into the building automation via a relay. If there is a call for help, the relevant people are informed again via push notification. 

This is what customers and partners say about the project

For us as a Loxone partner, it is a good feeling to help achieve the dedicated goals of McDonalds with state-of-the-art building automation.

Christopher Schmid

System integrator , hbTec AG

Fact check

  • Country: Switzerland

  • Location: McDonald's Hendschiken , Hendschiken / Aargau

  • Loxone partner: hbTec AG

  • Control: Miniserver

  • Weather Station

  • Relay Extension

  • DI Extension

  • Modbus Extension

  • Nano 2 Relay Tree

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