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Loxone - Touch Pure Flex configuration

The Loxone button standard has revolutionized the world of home and building automation. Several hundred thousand buildings are operated with a Loxone Touch. However, especially in large projects such as hotels, it is possible that a guest has not yet had any contact with the Loxone button standard. Therefore, with the Touch Pure Flex, we have developed a product that is even more flexible and even easier to understand.

You operate your room at up to 14 possible touch points, identified by individual icons and labeling fields as well as an LED matrix display for fine-tuning the functions... or the entire building. For example, you can now conveniently regulate the room temperature, switch through your favorite songs or display the time. Implement a highly individual bell system for apartment buildings in connection with the Intercom, the NFC Code Touch - or simply both.

The Touch Pure Flex is of course equipped with a temperature and humidity sensor. In this way, it also contributes to the optimal indoor climate. Put together your own Touch Pure Flex completely individually. Choose from over 200 icons in our icon library and decide for yourself which functions you want to control directly from your Touch Pure Flex.

Each Touch Pure Flex is individually lasered to your needs and contains a complete configuration for controlling your desired functions. The product comes to you fully configured and only needs to be connected and taught-in.

Learn in the video how to individually configure your Touch Pure Flex and integrate it into your Loxone project.



Showroom: 449/63 Truong Chinh Street,

Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City,

Viet Nam

Hotline: +84 902 401 488

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