Loxone Smart Hotel - 70 years of history with Tradition Julen Hotel, Zermatt, Switzerland

With its 70-year history, the Tradition Julen Hotel is a real staple of the picturesque town of Zermatt. In 2018, this historic hotel was modernised and equipped with Loxone – with many aspects of the building now being automated.

"A meeting place for families and friends – cosy, lively and full of stories”. This is how the owners describe the Tradition Julen Hotel. In 2018, a new chapter was written in the history of the hotel when intelligent building automation technology was installed. Since then, Loxone has been reducing their energy costs and making life easier and more enjoyable for staff and guests alike.

We modernised the Tradition Julen Hotel in 2018 and, together with our Loxone Partner WND AG, we implemented many automation options – with a focus on the areas of sustainability and quality management. For us, it is important to automate and standardise as many processes as possible. However, it was important that all of this was done in the background so that it doesn’t become too complicated for our guests and still remains authentic.– Paul-Marc Julen, CEO Tradition Julen

Facts at a glance

Where? Zermatt / Switzerland

Constructed: 1937

Renovated: 2018

Number of rooms: 31

Loxone Partner: WND AG

Intelligent linking with the booking system

One really cool feature in the project is the integration of the hotel’s booking system into the Loxone system. Data such as the guest’s name, preferred language, check-in and out times are all sent to the Miniserver thanks to a specially programmed interface via the Loxone API.

If a room is not occupied, this has an effect on the behaviour of that room. For example, the temperature is automatically lowered and only raised just in time to heat it for the next guest.

After the guests have left, all customer settings, such as the individual comfort temperature, are reset to default values.

Lighting, heating & more

In Tradition Julen, Loxone fully automates the control of lighting, heating, air conditioning and ventilation – ensuring the perfect feel-good environment for all guests.

The special feature: Should guests wish to intervene manually, they can do so using the Loxone Touch – or via the interactive Hotel TV.

The TV system specially developed by our Gold Partner WND AG allows guests not only to watch TV, stream movies and use apps, but also to adjust the room temperature and lighting mood directly via the remote control for the TV.

The communication and exchange of the data required between the TV and the Miniserver are carried out via a network interface.

Everything at a glance

In any hotel, there are a wide range of things that need to be monitored and kept in order – the chlorine levels in the pool, the temperatures in the rooms and whether they’re occupied, the ambient lighting in the restaurant, etc.

Thanks to Loxone, the team at the Tradition Julen Hotel have all the important information at their fingertips and can see at a glance whether everything is in order.

For Paul-Marc Julen, hotel CEO, environmental protection and energy efficiency are also particularly important.

When it comes to energy management, the following is very true: only what can be measured can be monitored and thus improved. Thanks to the new technical possibilities, we now have a multitude of new parameters that we can incorporate into our strategic and operational decisions.

– Paul-Marc Julen, CEO Tradition Julen

Housekeeping Mode

When the cleaning team enters a room, they activate “Housekeeping Mode” by triple-tapping the button next to the entrance door. To help the team do their job, all lights in that room are turned on to 100% brightness. In addition, reception can see which rooms are currently being cleaned through the app.

We have an overview of the status of all rooms, including whether the windows are open or not, the current temperature and whether the guest’s desired temperature has already been reached.

– Paul-Marc Julen, CEO Tradition Julen

Automation and control of the wellness areas

The hotel’s spacious spa area extends over three floors. Whether it’s in the gym, sauna or pool – Loxone takes care of a range of important tasks. For example, the chlorine level and the water temperature of the pool are constantly monitored. If there are unexpected deviations, the hotel team are notified immediately allowing them to react quickly to prevent any serious issues.

The system shows us the current water temperature, the measured values and what the status of the backwash is”

Paul-Marc Julen, CEO Tradition Julen

"In conclusion, our experience has been very positive. We now have a very flexible solution that is definitely “state of the art” and thus also meets the expectations of the market. As a family-run SME, it is important for us to be able to keep up with the international chain hotel industry in this area as well – Loxone and the team at WND AG made it possible for us to do this".

- Paul-Marc Julen, CEO, Tradition Julen

A few snaps from Tradition Julen

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