A new era for Smart Homes has begun! Today we are delighted to announce the launch of Loxone Tree, our new technology that offers an easy and flexible way to wire your Loxone Smart Home.

Up to 80% cable reduction

Loxone Tree allows you to flexibly wire from device to device and thus save on cables, terminals and space in your distribution board.

Quick Configuration

Loxone Tree devices are incredibly simple to wire in and configure. With advanced diagnostic tools in Loxone Config, you can look forward to speedy and stress-free installations.

100% homemade by Loxone

We have developed Tree Technology in-house to ensure full compatibility with other Loxone components in addition to simple and intuitive configuration.

Fast and Future-Ready

The Tree Extension is the trunk of Loxone Tree technology. Together with the Miniserver, it provides centralized intelligence for your Loxone Smart Home.

Our new Tree devices – the Motion Tree, Touch Tree, Valve Actuator Tree can be flexibly connected to the Tree Extension. Each Tree Extension has two branches – each branch can be used to connect up to fifty Tree devices (100 Tree devices in total per Tree Extension). Each Tree device can instantly communicate with each other and the Miniserver thanks to high data transmission speed at the branches.

Loxone Tree Wiring Diagram

From flats to mansions, our Loxone Tree technology suits any Loxone Smart Home and remains future-ready through free software updates. In addition, the system can be expanded by your Loxone Partner anytime.

More about the benefits of Loxone Tree

Installed in Record Time

Setting up Tree devices takes just seconds. We’ve added new features in Loxone Config to help streamline the set up routine.

The integrated diagnostics help spot wiring errors immediately and relay live information about the online status of each individual device. In the diagnostic window, you can, for example, check whether data packets can be received by devices and view the device statistics.

Loxone Tree – The Better Bus Technology

From cabling to commissioning, we have developed our technology to meet the unique needs of our Loxone Partners – we call it Loxone Tree Technology:

  • Topology: Free topology. We recommend cabling of devices on a room by room basis.

  • Device Search: With a single click, all connected Tree Devices are automatically detected and listed.

  • Configuration: Name your devices, and you’re done. It really is that simple

  • Diagnostics: Integrated diagnostic functions and device status LEDs assist in quick fault finding.

  • Data Transmission: Enjoy lag-free data communication thanks to high transmission speed, which is five times faster than KNX

  • Encryption: All communication between security sensitive Tree Products is fully encrypted.

  • Upgradable: All Loxone Tree products can benefit from our regular, free software updates.

  • Adaptable: No matter how many tree branches you need, the wiring structure can be simply extended.

The Loxone Tree Product Line-Up

Loxone Tree will launch with the key products needed to implement numerous smart home functions. We are already working on developing more Tree products, however, our range will continue to grow.

Tree Extension

For flexible connection of Tree devices within the Loxone Smart Home. The Tree Extension has two ‘branches’ – up to 50 Tree enabled devices can be connected to each branch, making wiring both easy and flexible.

More About Loxone Tree Technology

Head over to our website to learn more about Loxone Tree technology.

Thinking about installing a Smart Home with the Miniserver and Tree Technology? Find a Loxone Partner near you with our Partner Map!

Want to become our partner, you can find the partner program here

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