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In Austria, in the Rohrbach district, we find a modern and elegant dream house in which Loxone technology guarantees the residents comfort: lighting, shading, heating control, pool management and much more! Villa Larix is ​​a perfect example of a Loxone smart home.

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Country: Upper Austria, Austria

Location: Rohrbach district, Austria.

Loxone components: Loxone Touch Loxone Spots Loxone presence detector NFC Code Touch

What was automated with Loxone? Lighting, Shading, Heating control and air conditioning. Multimedia, Pool Security, Access control

What has been implemented?

The Villa Larix (. Larix = lat larch) is for the residents their dream house : The geographical location is idyllic, the surrounding landscape is perfect for rest and relaxation, and the modern and elegant architecture is stunning. The house with its classic U-shape and its distinctive facade made of flamed larch and stone (Ceppo di Gré) fits perfectly into the landscape. The architects Arkform have succeeded in creating a prototypical symbiosis of landscape and house .

In addition, important functions such as lighting and shading have been integrated into Loxone . In order to optimize the building's energy consumption, great importance was attached to the automation of natural energy sources, such as the use of the sun as a source of light and energy . When there is enough daylight to illuminate the rooms, the blinds are automatically raised and the lighting switched off. In summer, the blinds are lowered in good time for cooling. In winter, the blinds stay up in order to heat the rooms with solar energy and thus reduce energy costs .

The versatility of Loxone automation comes into play outdoors. On the one hand, pool maintenance is automated with Loxone , so that technical processes such as filtering, refilling and heating run automatically. On the other hand, the exterior lighting of the entire house is also controlled automatically and, thanks to the different modes, different lights can be activated. Finally, access control is also integrated .

In addition to all the functions already presented, thanks to the Loxone app, you can access your home control at any time and from any location and be informed if something unexpected happens. For example, if presence is detected in the house, the fire alarm is triggered or if windows and doors are still open, to name just a few examples.

Loxone Touch with built-in sensors

All rooms in Villa Larix are equipped with the Loxone touch switch , which not only enables easy operation of the various lighting modes , but also shading and multi-room audio .

Thanks to the temperature and humidity sensors integrated in the Loxone Touch , it is possible to guarantee the desired climatic conditions for every room in Villa Larix and thus guarantee the comfort of the residents.

Why Loxone?

For the homeowner, privacy is very important in every way. Architecturally, the Villa Larix opens up to the landscape, but the inner courtyard offers space for retreats. And from a technological point of view, Loxone also protects the residents' privacy thanks to the mini server. The data is safe in your own four walls. So you can benefit from all the comforts of an intelligent house.

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