New Loxone Intercom The best way to welcome your visit

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Earlier today Loxone revealed their new doorbell with integrated video intercom.

The real glass-fronted device includes a backlit bell button with proximity sensor, microphone, hidden speaker and a new HD (1280×720) 120 degree wide angle camera.

The ‘splashproof’ (IP44 certified) unit has a 16mm profile and does not require a backbox, instead using a frame for easy installation on almost any surface. In addition it can be mounted with an NFC Code Touch for maximum functionality.

The new hardware is built in their Baudisch operation in Germany, keeping the design and manufacturing all under Loxone’s vertically-integrated control.

Intercoms will never look like they did before.

"Perfection is not achieved when there is nothing more to add, but when nothing can be left out." - Antine de Saint-Exupéry

We are convinced: Our intercom will redefine the apperance of an entire product category. Clear linese, elegant understatement and a timeless design make it probably the most beautiful video intercom in the world. Because the first impression is always the most important.

Highest quality "Made in Germany"

Subtle elegance meets obvious quality. Manufactured in Wäschenbeuren (Germany) on one of the most modern production lines in Europe, the intercom meets the highest quality standards. Developed to bring joy for a lifetime (building).

On the connections side the new intercom has an integrated Tree Branch (up to 50 devices, max 3W) including a 24v output, along with a PoE Ethernet connection.

There’s end to end encryption and SIP support to allow you to talk to visitors at your door from your smartphone or wall-mounted tablet. Push notifications can now include an image of your visitor and with the integrated text to speech feature you can send messages to your door too.

State-of-the-art technology

Only the most modern and high-quality components are used in the intercom. Mounted with absolute precision thanks to precise robotics.

Modern HD camera

The modern HD camera with its generous 120 ° wide-angle lens ensures a clear and undistorted view of things.

High quality micro

The high-quality microphone, protected by a thin membrane, guarantees the best voice quality for many years.

Invisible speakers

The latest loudspeaker technology and the specially developed sound concept with innovative loudspeaker guidance ensure invisible loudspeakers and crystal-clear sound.

Integrated proximity sensor

Eco? Logical! If someone approaches the intercom, it wakes up automatically from standby. This enables a lightning-fast connection with the app.