Security in the Loxone Smart Home – Part 2: Protection of the occupants

Security has many facets – the Loxone Smart Home looks after them all

In your home, you can feel completely safe. It deters burglars for you, watches over the whole family, protects itself and preserves your privacy.

In the second part of our series of articles around the topic of security, we’re looking at how the Loxone Smart Home can protect its occupants.

Protection of occupants

Most of us have home insurance. Whilst it’s a little annoying to have to pay out for it every month, it gives us the reassurance that our belongings will be repaired or replaced in case of damage or theft. A human life, although insurable, can’t be replaced. Therefore, we believe that technology should do everything in its power to prioritise your personal safety.

That’s why the Loxone Smart Home acts like an invisible shield, keeping you safe around the clock. How exactly, though, does this shield work to protect the most important thing – the safety of you and your family?

Protective function #1: Defeat burglars

Reliable alerts in the event of burglary are indispensable. If nobody is at home, the property is protected by sophisticated security mechanisms and the burglar is deterred. If the family is at home during the break-in, the Loxone Smart Home will do its utmost to protect its inhabitants.

Protective function #2: Fire detection

It’s not without reason that we have strict fire safety regulations in the UK. With such busy and hectic lives, it’s easy to be distracted and forget to switch off the hob or the hair straighteners and cause a fire hazard.

As fire spreads within a very short time, fast action is required. The Loxone Smart Home detects the smoke and the elevated temperature and informs you immediately.

Protective number #3: Early flood detection

What sounds unimaginable to those with homes on hilly landscapes is a grim reality for families with properties near rivers and lakes. Flooding can cause terrible damage to a property and be dangerous for the elderly and those with limited mobility.

A Loxone Smart Home can Immediately inform you when water is detected, giving you time to react and take action.

If your home registers fire or water leaks, the alarm triggers the following phases:



In the case of fire or water detection, a call is first placed via the Caller Service and a push notification is sent to alert you, even if you’re not at home.

Main alarm

Now your home makes every effort to attract attention: It reacts with flashing lights, opens the shading and the music server sounds an alarm sound throughout the house. So you will be warned immediately and can react accordingly.

Protective function #4: Childproof

Sometimes it’s hard to say whether you should protect your children from the house or vice versa. In either case, the Loxone Smart Home is here to help.