LUV8: Extraordinary architecture & Intelligent automation with Loxone Smart Home

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From the beginning it was clear to the architect and client, Torsten Michelmann: His latest project, the LUV8, will be fully automated - with Loxone technology. The universal applicability of Loxone building automation was again demonstrated here.

The LUV8 is an eye-catcher with its distinctive architecture and many curves. It is one of the most modern office buildings in Germany. We are therefore all the more pleased that Loxone has moved into its newest quarter in this impressive building - Loxone Germany North. Seven mini-servers take over the building automation on an area of ​​3,350 m² .

Fact check

Country: Germany

Area: 3,350m2

Loxone partner: Prodoing GmbH

Loxone components:

  • 3 mini-servers in the client-gateway network, 4 mini-servers for tenants

  • Temperature control via control of the heat pump and actuators Tree

  • Control of the central ventilation system by Loxone Damper Tree and negative pressure monitoring

  • Ramp heating via 1-wire temperature sensor

  • Energy management including production monitoring

  • Light control with Loxone LED Spot RGBW Tree , LED Pendulum Slim Tree , LED Ceiling Light Tree , LED surface-mounted spot WW Tree , DALI Extension , RGBW 24V Dimmer Tree , Relay Extension

  • Building monitoring via reed contacts and Nano DI Tree , motion detectors

  • And a lot more .

Miniserver in the client-gateway network

In LUV8 there is an underground car park, bistro and five offices spread over four floors. The Loxone partner, Wolfgang Schnepel from prodoing GmbH , relied on the client-gateway network to control and monitor the building as a whole . While the building owner knows his investment in security with a clear conscience, the control can be individually set and implemented for each office.

Sustainable concept from building to technology

In addition to the appearance, a concept in terms of sustainability and climate protection was also important to the community and the building owner. The following components are therefore used in the LUV8:

  1. Heat pump including geothermal probes

  2. Central ventilation system

  3. Photovoltaic system and battery storage

The Loxone partner realized an interaction of the heat pump with the ventilation system, photovoltaic system and the shading.

For this he used the Loxone Config module climate controller , via which the heat pump is controlled. The building can automatically switch between heating and cooling mode and regulate the temperature efficiently. Two processes work together perfectly: the basic heat / basic cooling load due to the concrete core activation and the additional heat / additional cooling load due to the underfloor heating.

The fresh air supply runs fully automatically via the ventilation system and mechanical openings in the window frame. For the exhaust air of the central ventilation system with volume flow control, our Loxone partner decided on the Loxone Damper Tree and negative pressure monitoring . The Loxone Damper is a product from our American subsidiary for regulating air flows using a flap. The cooling in summer has been solved by proding in an energy-efficient way by nightly burst ventilation. This is achieved by controlling the skylights using the Nano 2 Relay Tree . The heat in the building is recovered via heat exchangers.

Certain areas of the building are supplied with specially produced electricity. The perfect energy management basis was created here by means of a PV system and battery storage , controlled by the Loxone Miniserver .

Further Loxone features in the LUV8

In this blog we would like to highlight the most important functions in the building. The Loxone partner, Prodoing, has implemented numerous other functions. Would you like to get to know the LUV8 and Loxone? Come by and we will be happy to take you on a tour>

Ramp heating of the underground car park

In order to prevent the entrance to the underground car park from icing over, the Loxone partner implemented monitoring using a 1-wire sleeve temperature sensor . If the temperature falls below a predefined value, the ramp heating is activated via a heat exchanger and a water-glycol mixture via Loxone.

Access solution based on NFC

Access to the building is a security issue. Each tenant should only have access to the respective areas. This can be easily implemented with electronic door locks or the control of the underground garage door as well as the NFC Code Touch and the NFC Smart Tags . Access to the main entrance, underground car park, rental unit and sensitive rooms can be defined in this way. Guests can ring the respective rental units via intercom .

Building security

With the alarm siren , reed contacts in the windows and motion detectors , the building is monitored for unauthorized guests when they are absent. Smoke detectors as well as water sensors for the immediate reporting of alarms provide protection while people are in the building .

Create Automation


The Loxone Miniserver is the perfect tool for the simple control and intelligent automation of projects of all kinds. Regardless of whether it is a smart home, commercial property or special application.

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